Payday: The Heist (PC) Review – Guns, Banks, and Criminals!

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Multiplayer - 87 / 100

Playing co-op with PAYDAY: The Heist is a blast. The gameplay vastly improves when you’re playing with friends as opposed to the dumb AI of your computer controlled teammates. Now you’re not the only one responsible for objectives and your crew can take part and more intelligently watch your back. Coordinating defenses or attacks against special police types amongst human players really elevates the fun and enjoyment of the game. Plus, you can get the ignoble shame of leading the pack in the number of times you were downed in every single scenario just like I did.

payday: the heist review
Don't taze me, bro!

The usual gameplay negatives still apply here with items constantly needing restarting and hordes of cops pouring out of every single door, window, rooftop, or helicopter. The only other negative for multiplayer is while PAYDAY: The Heist has voice chat, the game doesn't provide a push-to-talk mode. I find this a negative as that hearing my friends burp or slurp soda not conducive to being immersed in being a bad-ass criminal. Still, the game is a hoot with a full crew of buds to watch your back.

Value - 77 / 100

While I have described a lot of negatives for PAYDAY:
The Heist
, the
game does give you six scenarios with multiple difficulty levels for
$19.99. If you’re planning on playing only single player, I
would definitely lower the value, but for playing co-op, it’s
a pretty good value. You and your friends will definitely get your
money’s worth out of this game.

 the heist review

Hostages can be useful...if
you can get to them.

Lasting Appeal - 70 / 100

PAYDAY: The Heist is a game that has okay lasting appeal. As long as you’re playing co-op with some friends, this is a game that you’ll come back from time to time. Playing as a bank-robbing criminal is just too fun to pass up. For single players, this game’s lasting appeal is much lower. You could eventually overcome the lackluster AI of the computer controlled teammates with lots of upgrades, but you’ll have to put in a lot of time to do it.

Pros and Cons

  • Multiplayer co-op is a blast to play
  • Does an excellent job of conveying the criminal enterprise of bank robbing
  • Tension stays constant throughout the scenarios
  • Single player is heavily flawed
  • Really bad presentation of core mechanics such as upgrades
  • Lack of ability to move hostages
payday: the heist review
It's all part of the plan.


PAYDAY: The Heist is a game that has an amazing concept but doesn’t fully deliver on them. The core of the game is solid and the game could use some tweaking and polishing. Playing single player can be an exercise in frustration, but playing co-op is a hell of a lot of fun. If you have friends who want to join you in some criminal enterprise, then it’s definitely worth checking out. I enjoy playing the game and there’s a good foundation here. If they can improve the AI of the computer controlled teammates and allow them to help with objectives, allow hostages to be moved, and perhaps streamline some objectives, then PAYDAY: The Heist could be a big score.

Overall 70/100 - Okay


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