Rusty Hearts Review: Swords, Guns, and Action Dominate in this Free MMORPG

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Multiplayer - 82 / 100

Multiplayer in Rusty Hearts is pretty good. You can easily group if you wish. You can create a guild and gain perks such as a guild hall and a guild warehouse (bank). PvP is comprised of various matches such as deathmatch, last man standing, or team matches. Being a champion in PvP nets you points that you can use later for special gear. The best part of PvP is that it’s quick and easy. You hit one button (B) and you’re off to fight. You can join a room or create your own. On the negative side, there are no objective based scenarios such as capture and hold and the lack of customization rules out having mass conflicts as that nobody would be able to tell friend from foe.

rusty hearts free mmorpg review
Getting my butt whipped in PvP.

Value - 95 / 100

Rusty Hearts has a great deal of value because the game is free. You can purchase items in the cash shop, but they’re mostly vanity items such as clothing. You can get an xp boost and healing potions, but they’re not really needed. You can pick up potions by bashing the crap out of monsters and by crafting. The cash shop can make it easier for you to keep going, but it doesn’t make the game pay-to-win. I used my money just to buy some cool clothes to make my guy stand out a bit.

Lasting Appeal - 82 / 100

This game has a pretty good lasting appeal in that you’ll definitely want to come back often to smash some monster skulls and do some dungeon crawling. Rusty Hearts isn’t a game that you’ll play every day for three to four hours, but it is a game that you’ll come back on a regular basis for an hour or two. The dungeons are quick to complete, and once you’ve run through a few smiting creatures, you’ll log off with a smile on your face and lots of stress relieved. Like the grand old arcade games of yesterday, you’ll come back to get your fix on a regular basis.

rusty hearts free mmorpg review
Don't I look spiffy in my fancy cash-shop clothes?

Pros and Cons

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Combat is awesome and you feel like a bad-ass
  • Anime-style gothic graphics are vibrant and pull you into the setting
  • Lack of customization hurts
  • Voice acting is terrible
  • Some dungeons can get repetitive if you don’t take a break
  • PvP could be better


Rusty Hearts does remind me of those old arcade games that I played for way too many hours and spent way too many quarters on. The gameplay is simple, but addictive. The core of the game is the awesome combat, but there’s a nice storyline wrapped around it. This is definitely a game you can get your friends into, especially since it’s free, and you can spend some quality time dungeon-crawling. Rusty Hearts isn’t a deep, complicated game. It focuses on its strength, the action, and by doing so, the game is damn fun to play. Now where’s my oversized axe?

Overall 85/100 - Very Good


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