StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review

Game:StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Ten Ton Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer Rating

Multiplayer - 97 / 100

This is a hard section to cover because there isn’t anything new here other than the units and maps, which I covered in gameplay. The game is still StarCraft 2 and has not changed so for that merit, it still rates very high on the charts because the multiplayer is so good. HotS hasn’t really added much or changed much in the multiplayer formula, outside of 26 new maps.
So I don’t have much to say! The multiplayer is great! As great as SC2: WoL! So yeah! I’m giving it the same score we gave it before, because… it’s the same! It’s just as good, I guess, and well, yeah!

Value - 60 / 100

The game is $39.99 and will probably be $29.99 or $19.99 within six months. So it’s not a full retail box price, but it’s still… pricy I guess for what you get. You don’t get NEARLY as much content as a World of Warcraft expansion, since we’re talking a single short campaign, lots of eye candy cinematics. I’m going to give this a so-so score because I don’t feel like I got my monies worth right now, but whenever the price drops it’ll definitely be worth the bucks.

I’m just reviewing the expansion here… not the full game, which is worth every penny. So make a quick note of that.

Lasting Appeal - 90 / 100

The master archives and multiplayer make this a long term game that you load up anytime you want to play for almost anyone. There is a lot of long term gameplay here that’s enjoyable, so once again I’ll copy our previous score over and add 3 points for the master archives, a major enhancement to the campaign’s enjoyment and replayability.

Pros and Cons


  • New units, maps, and more to enhance your StarCraft experience.
  • Master archives clears up a lot of the issues with replaying the campaign.
  • Tons of content for the map editor.


  • The campaign is rather short (20 missions plus the really short evolution missions).
  • The new units are hit & miss, they serve to patch holes in each race but community reception is varied (nerf this buff that).
  • Not a ton of new content, especially if you don’t like the campaign or if you’re not into the map editor.


The expansion is pretty awesome, I like it, but there are some faults and most of it boils down to a lack of content. The campaign is short, there are only a handful of new units, and most of the other changes came with a patch before the expansion even launched. To top it off, some stuff is kind of just not really interesting like the XP for killing units in multiplayer unless that’s your cup of tea.
However, it’s still StarCraft II and StarCraft II is an impressive game. This doesn’t change that or alter it much, since there isn’t a lot there to alter or change it with. To that extent, I’m going to rate the expansion a bit lower than the original, but still suggest that you play it if you love StarCraft II.

Overall 88/100 - Great


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