Trine 2 Review (PC)

Ten Ton Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer Rating

Multiplayer - 77 / 100

The coop action with your friends is a blast your first time through the game... but it’s the exact same campaign It’s also dependent on your ability to communicate with your teammates. It’s great fun with 3, but personally, the discovery of doing it all alone is much better. If there was more stuff that could be done in coop, or more levels that were designed for it, ala Portal 2’s multiplayer component, it would be much better.

While the enemy variety isn't too deep, the enemies are so beautiful that you don't care if you see the same one every now and then.

Value - 90 / 100

With beautiful levels and surprisingly deep gameplay given how shallow it seems at first glance, another playthrough of the game is definitely on my list of things to do. I learned so much about manipulating physics and objects that I know I could do a 100% completion run the next time around… but after that? It might be a ghost town in Trineville. But at a tiny $14.99 price point, you definitely get your bang for your buck here.

Lasting Appeal - 77 / 100

Beautiful games with simple but complex gameplay are rare these days, and I’m happy that Frozenbyte hasn’t lost their touch in the making of the sequel. These levels are better designed than the original, but each game (assuming they make more) has its own charm and some of your favorite levels, so these games will have a place in your heart after you play

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful graphics in every way
  • Clever stage design that keeps you looking everywhere for goodies
  • Perfect, frustration-free controls and gameplay


  • Needs more for multiplayer
  • Ends a little too quickly
  • Not every game you buy for 14.99 will be this good



I love this game, but the vaunted addition of online co-op really doesn’t do much for me.  A game like this was made for local co-op, with a bunch of friends yelling at each other—not fumbling around on Ventrilo.  Trine 2 is still a stellar sequel that is worth every penny, but it’s a fairly short ride and the replayability is strictly up to you and your love for collection, or breaking the physics engine and flying across the stage on a levitating box while doing your best Magneto impression.

That is pretty badass though….

Overall 88/100 - Great


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