Rift: Travels Through Telara Part 12 - Rhamm Dragonbane

Join Guardian scribe, Padraic, and his trusty, yet slow-witted lackey Bran, as they travel the length and breadth of Telara documenting the people, places, history, and folklore of the world. Before it’s all gone.

Travels Through Telara

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By Padraic

Greetings, dear reader.

Last night Bran and I celebrated our arrival in Sanctum by joining up with a group of adventurers at a tavern in Mariel-Taun’s village. A thoroughly pleasant evening all round. Although once again Bran is the worse for wear. What is it about the youth that they cannot indulge in moderation? I had a few glasses of wine last night and I feel perfect. Something that seems to be annoying Bran quite a lot.

Rift Sanctum


“I want to stay,” he tells me.

“Tough. We’ve had our rest. Now we have to set off again. These pages won’t write themselves, you know.”

“But you don’t need me to come. I can stay in Sanctum. We can use it as a base of operations. I can live here, and you can come back every now and then with more pages. I can… copy them out for you.”

I sigh. “Bran, I hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but when you agreed to take up with me, you signed a certain piece of paper. Do you remember that?”

Bran frowns. “I remember signing something. I thought you were just checking I could write. Either that or you were asking for my autograph.”

I refrain from getting derailed into asking why in the name of Telara I would want his autograph. “Well that was what we in the trade call a contract. It says that you have to accompany me on these travels or you won’t get paid. Also, if you break this contract you could go to prison.”

Bran’s mouth fell open. “Prison?”

“Yes. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, eh? Now, off we go.”

Bran trails behind me as I walk purposefully across Tavril’s Square and onto the Holy Span, the bridge that connects Sanctum to the mainland. While drinking with the adventurers last night they told me of someone who will make an ideal addition to my journals. An Ascended by the name of Rhamm Dragonbane.

What makes Rhamm Dragonbane so unique is that he fought on the side of Prince Aedraxis. He was the captain of the Guard for Caer Mathos, and while Aedraxis's other forces were routed and beaten by the Prince Zareph and his followers, Rhamm's guard was undefeated. He led his men by example, a shining beacon of bravery and goodness. Odd, yes? A goodly man fighting for Prince Aedraxis? Well, therein lies the story.

Long before the troubles started, Rhamm Dragonbane swore to protect Aedraxis, a man who he saw as the rightful heir to the throne. He had pledged his sword to his prince, and being an honorable person, he would hold that pledge until the day he died. And even as Aedraxis gave in to his greed and ambitions, opening himself up to the corruption of Regulos, Rhamm stayed true to his duty. He did not worship the Dragons, or let the corruption of Regulos touch his soul. Rhamm stood firm in his beliefs and upheld his sworn duties, knowing as he did so that he was condemning himself to never-ending torment once he died. He knew that Aedraxis was in the wrong, but his honor would not permit him to stray from his path.

So when he finally died, Rhamm thought he would be damned. Instead, he woke up to find that the Vigil had in fact Ascended him. Rhamm was furious. He had done evil. He wanted to be punished for his sins. But the messenger of the Vigil would hear none of it. Rhamm was told that by honoring his vows and fulfilling his duties he had acted honorably, and because of this the Vigil would reward him with an even greater purpose, one where he could make up for any misdeeds he may have committed in the past.

Rhamm is now captain of the Sanctum Guards and he protects the Holy Span, preventing any of the plane-touched and Defiant from stepping foot on Guardian land.

Rhamm Dragonbane

Rhamm Dragonbane

I find him patrolling along the crest of the bridge. “Ho there,” I call. “Are you Captain Dragonborn?”

“I am. What can I do for you?”

I explain my mission to him, and he nods enthusiastically. “An honorable task, good scribe. You must record my past misdeeds to that everyone knows  my evils.”

“Surely you have been forgiven? You have a new duty now.”

“I may have been forgiven by others, but I have not forgiven myself.”

“For upholding your vows?”

“Vows to an evil man.”

“It matters not,” I say “You did not control Aedraxis. He made his own choices.”

“As did I. To stay and defend him. As I now must defend this bridge.”

“But… what will it take for you to forgive yourself?”

“I must save the same amount of people I condemned to death by protecting Aedraxis.”

“But that could be thousands. Tens of thousands.”

“Likely even more,” says Rhamm. “But that is my task.”

“And who will keep a tally of how many you save?”

“The gods.”

“But then you will never know if you have succeeded in your goal.”

“I am aware of this. My path is eternal. I will go on as long as I live. Such is my burden. Nay, such is my duty.”

I stare at his proud face, then finally bow deeply to him. “Then I wish you all the best in your quest, Sir Dragonborn.”

He inclines his head to me. “And you.”

Bran and I carry on across the bridge.

“He takes himself a bit seriously, doesn’t he?” says Bran.

I open my mouth to chastise Bran, but then close it again. After all, he’s not wrong.

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