Do You Own a Copy of RIFT? Play It for Free This Weekend

If you previously purchased a copy of RIFT, Trion is giving you a chance to come back for free this weekend.

RIFT goes free-to-play on next month, but if you just can’t wait that long there's some good news for you this week. If you previously purchased a copy of RIFT but let your subscription lapse, this weekend is your chance to make a comeback. Trion Worlds is opening the doors to former players with free game time starting on Friday, May 30th. At that time, former players can return to Telara and have access to everything they had from when they last left off through Monday, June 3rd.

RIFT is scheduled to undergo a conversion to a free-to-play model on Wednesday, June 12th. Additional details about the conversion can be found in the free-to-play announcement & FAQ along with details for Loyalty Reward.

Source: RIFT Facebook

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