RIFT Devs Discusses Planar Attunement Re-Spec, Roleplaying and More

Trion Worlds offers an update to the community on future plans for RIFT in a developer Q&A.

Say what you will about RIFT but you canÂ’t say that Trion Worlds didnÂ’t come out the gate running and they havenÂ’t missed a stride yet. RIFT has had one of the most ambitious content update schedules of any game on the market and it appears that Trion plans to keep that pacing up into 2012.

The team recently fielded a number of questions about the future of the game and what comes next for RIFT. The Q&A fields questions ranging from making raids more accessible to crafting rift improvements to roleplaying and Planar Attunement changes, including a re-spec option.

While Planar Attunement can be used as its own form of gameplay, itÂ’s really intended to complement existing gameplay by giving players more rewards for doing the activities they already know and love. This is why weÂ’re constantly tweaking just how much PA XP players get from various endgame activities. In addition weÂ’re making a few other tweaks to PA that will it to mesh better with a players particular playstyle, the most exciting of which will be adding a re-spec option!

ThereÂ’s quite a bit more covered in the Q&A such as TrionÂ’s plans for RIFTÂ’s upcoming anniversary event and the new Instant Adventure feature.

Source: RIFT Developer Q&A

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