RIFT Launches 1.10 - Calm Before the Storm Update

Trion delivers the first of two RIFT updates to set the stage for the upcoming Storm Legion expansion.

Things are heating up in Telara. Update 1.10 – Calm Before the Storm has deployed to live servers and will serve as one of the final two major updates to precede RIFT's upcoming Storm Legion expansion. Update 1.10 delivers on a number of faction changes that will allow Guardian and Defiant players to team up for instances, raids, Instant Adventures, the option to join the same guild and more. Additionally, 1.10 hails the start of a new world event with the Autumn Harvest and also includes a new Instant Adventure with Scarwood Reach, a number of zone and class changes, and more.

Patch notes for the update are available on the RIFT forums.

Source: RIFT 1.10 – Calm Before the Storm Announcement

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