Trion Details RIFT's New Raid Sliver and Mentor System

Posted Thu, Jun 21, 2012 by Martuk

Mentor systems are, in my opinion, an important and often overlooked system to any MMORPG. RIFT, like many others, didn’t include a mentor option at launch. Luckily, that will all change with 1.9: Conquest.

Part of the RIFT's 1.9 update will introduce a new Mentor system that will allow players to group up over various level ranges by allowing higher level players to mentor down to group with lower level friends and still earn endgame XP and rewards. The Mentor system will provide players with a level scale that allows you to set a mentoring level. You can only mentor 5 levels below your current level, so a level 50 can only mentor down to a level 45. This has the benefit of allowing you to continue earning level appropriate rewards even if you’re mentored down to level 10.

In addition to the mentor news, Trion also posted more information about the Primeval Feast raid sliver slated for release with the update.

Greenscale conquered this Telara, leaving it an overgrown forest of nightmares. But in a predator’s paradise, even a dragon can become prey. Fae Lord Twyl and his lieutenants have slain Greenscale, and now wear his skin and bones as trophies. Crash Twyl’s victory celebration and – with help from an unlikely ally – vanquish the weather-warping lunatic before he holds his next party over the ruins of all you hold dear.

Source: RIFT Mentor System, Primeval Feast Raid


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