Rift Soul Overviews: The Nightblade

Adding the powers of the elements to the traditional rogue repertoire, the Nightblade is a showcase of what Rift is all about.


Calling: Rogue
Role: DPS
Primary Attribute: DEX

The Nightblade is a pure DPS soul in the Rogue calling. Using an intriguing mix of melee and elemental damage, the Nightblade is an excellent representative of the overall versatility of Rift. Like many Rogue souls, the Nightblade uses stealth to its advantage, but with the additional elemental abilities they can also unleash devastation from moderate distance.


  • High damage output
  • Uses stealth for sneak attacks
  • More diverse combat style than traditional stealth souls
  • Wide array of quick hitting combo stack abilities
  • Pairs very well with other DPS souls


  • Lack of crowd control
  • A bit of a glass cannon
  • Long fights can be overly taxing


Nightblades call upon the powers of the elemental planes to help deliver devastating attacks. Its ranged attacks give it a leg up on the other melee minded souls in the calling. Nightblades work in any slot of a melee dps build doing equally well as primary, secondary or tertiary souls.

Solo Play

All rogues are accomplished at soloing, especially those souls that have the advantage of stealth. The Nightblade has the added advantage of ranged attacks in its arsenal to spice up the affair. Heavy Nightblade builds will want to spend some points in souls that afford them some extra avoidance or crowd control to help shore up those deficiencies.

Group Play

Any group looking for a powerful DPS soul will find a spot for the Nightblade. Groups looking for a something with more utility however, will want to look elsewhere. Specializing in single target damage the Nightblade is most comfortable in group and raid scenarios where they can receive the benefit of concentrating purely on dishing out the hurt. .

Pairs Best With


Neither of my pairings are ones listed in the official recommendations, but both offer the biggest benefit where it counts – damage output. Adding the Assassin grants tons of passive buffs and a huge throughput increase with Puncture. Included in the upgrades are 5% crit, 4% physical damage increase and 20% crit damage.


The Bladedancer adds some substantial upgrades, but does so at a fairly heavy price in terms of point investment. The additions are worth it however as you can achieve 5% to hit, extra dexterity, a huge increase in white damage, a dexterity self buff and a nice cooldown based damage increase. You will want to spend between 18 to 20 points here in order to maximize the gains.

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