Rift Soul Overviews: The Sentinel

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The Sentinel

Calling: Cleric
Role: Healing
Primary Attribute: Wis

Commanding the powers of light to do their bidding in an unending effort to heal the wounds of their comrades, the Sentinel is one of the most powerful defensive souls in the game. Sacrificing personal power for the ability to keep others alive is the hallmark of this brand of Cleric. .


  • Above average survivability
  • Healers are always in demand
  • Switches between single and multiple targets easily
  • Compliments other souls well


  • Lack of substantial damage output
  • Strongest abilities are deep into the spec
  • No crowd control


Filling the more commonly held definition of a Cleric, the Sentinel is a heal first soul that would be more comfortable keeping themselves alive until the enemy gets bored enough and goes away than they would be to smite their foe. They specialize in direct and multiple target healing spells and are well equipped to handle any healing assignment. The Sentinel is at home in starring or supporting roles in a talent build, but really shines when it’s the center of attention.

Solo Play

The Sentinel should never be the focal point of a solo build, but will do very well with any form of DPS soul. Adding the healing that is lacking in the melee souls and giving a strong buff to the utility of the caster souls, the Sentinel is very complimentary for a rather modest point investment. At ten points spent the Sentinel adds a stamina buff, a rez and multiple healing talents.

Group Play

Healers will always be near the top of the list of a group’s needs, and while many different callings and souls can provide healing – the Sentinel is one of the best.; Should you chose to level via dungeons and public group content (including PvP), you could very well hit level cap without ever purchasing a DPS role from your trainer. One of the Sentinel’s best attributes is the ability to withstand a beating and keep both themselves and their allies alive until the enemy can be struck down.

Pairs Best With


Putting heavy points into both the Sentinel and the Warden can create a powerhouse healer and is among the most popular of the healing builds currently in use in Telara. The first 15 points spent in Warden magnifies the power of a Sentinel tenfold, with increases to mana pool, HoT effectiveness and instant cast heal effectiveness. While there is some duplication later on in the root system, the overall synergy here begs for a strong presence in both specs.


The Purifier will be a much more frugal pairing than the Warden, but an important one none the less. Spending as few as 5 points in this tree will add a powerful damage shield as well as a substantial increase in Wisdom. Players who prefer the style of shielding their allies may want to spend more in the Purifier tree than the Warden. While there is less duplication with this route, there is also less synergy – however there is a very nice Wisdom buff to be gained if enough points are spent here.

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