RuneScape Bonus XP Weekend Starts Today

Players can earn more XP in all activities this weekend during RuneScape’s bonus XP event.
If you’re a RuneScape subscriber looking to advance your characters a little faster, this weekend is your chance. RuneScape kicks off a bonus XP weekend starting today that will add bonus XP modifiers to any standard training activity. But make sure that you use them efficiently. The 2.7 XP modifier will decrease every 30 minutes until it reaches 1.1 XP, which is roughly 10 hours of gameplay time. Once it reaches that point, it will remain there for the duration of the event.

The bonus XP event is available to members only, so if you're a free player, you'll need to become a member to take advantage of the extra bonus.

Additional event details are available on the RuneScape website and event blog.

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