Salem Beta Key Giveaway

Posted Wed, Aug 22, 2012 by Shayalyn

As a colonial-era crafting MMORPG set in colonial New England, Salem is perhaps best known for permadeath, progression through items (not just characters) and free-form gathering, crafting, and economy system that has been likened to Minecraft. Now you can carve out a homestead in the New World with a Salem beta key from Ten Ton Hammer!

We're giving away 100 keys per day, so if you don't get one don't fret...just come back and check again the next day.

Grab your Salem beta key and give this fun, addicting game a whirl!

AMG i needs a key!

So 100 keys daily...except today? Ive been refreshing since 11:59 and its now 12:26 and still no keys???

so sad.....

When I try to get my key it says that I am not logged in ??? But i have already logged into the website ???

u need to be vip dud

wait what do mean by vip? AW U MEAN CASH PAYER DONT U?!

are there no more keys?

Thank you! :)

did they run out of keys ALLREADY? sorry if i readed something wrong. english is not my first language :/

It's 2 past noon and no keys have gone up yet, what's the deal?

any keys today

Looks like no to me, I've been refreshing over and over since 11:59 and nothing. If they're out of all their keys I wish they'd at least let us know.

isnt it noon now? or are all the keys already gone?

Should I stop pressing F5? =/

my button is a little smaller allready

i dont know i want a key lol

Just got my key! Good luck everyone else!

got my key as well, made my day alot brighter!

got my key hell ya ty Tentonhammer


i hope i get my key!

I've been following this game for almost a year now, and have been wanting to get into the beta so bad that I can taste it. It tastes like burning.

Is it bad that I'm already spamming f5 15 minutes before noon?

waiting for a key..

OMG out of keys? LOL THAT WAS FAST



No keys yet?

sry, double post.

still spamming f5 for that key

edit- 12:22 still nothing. did they go that fast?

same problem

keep spammin!!!

will they be soon or not&

Did anyone get a key today? I know I sure didn't. Spammed f5 from 11:30 to 12:30 and never saw it change from the out of keys message.

not yet.

I officially give up. More than an hour spamming f5 and Never saw it change.

yeah, looks like there r no keys.

Oh yhats bad!

cm on i need only 1

So are they out of keys? or is it just delayed?

the page that says we're out of keys not even coming up for me now..

WTF, put up the dang keys already!!!

WTF, put up the dang keys already!!!

So what's up with the keys?

wtf when is the full release any1 know it?

I would like to know it too.

anyone get a key today?

No. I spammed F5 from 11h45 to 13h15 and never saw it change.
And you?

Same here, still not seen the page change, or get any keys.


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