Salem Developer Diary Video Details Crime & Punishment

Posted Fri, Mar 09, 2012 by Martuk

Crime can be a dangerous endeavor in Salem, and Creative Director Björn Johannessen tells us why in a new developer diary video. In the new video Johannessen lays out the process by which players can bring other criminal players to justice. The idea behind the system is for players to develop “authority items” that will allow the town’s ranger to track down criminals and deal with them how they see fit, which can often include a variety of ways to make them one of the living impaired.

Check out the Salem Crime and Punishment developer diary video after the break.


I think for their next game they should make it all about nazi's and stamping out those inferior Jews, gypsies, handicapped, and homosexuals. After all, if they're making one offensive regarding the slaughter of a religious group, why not make another along the same lines?

if the purpose of this reply was to show everyone else how smart you are, failed.

If the purpose of your terribad troll attempt is to impersonate me, well... you failed... at both.

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