Salem Heads to Open Beta

Posted Thu, Feb 28, 2013 by Martuk

There have been some interesting stories to come out of Seatribe’s crafting MMOG, Salem. If you missed out on the tales of hostile nudist colonies terrorizing our own Jeff “Ethec” Woleslagle, I highly recommend that you get caught up now. Seatribe and Paradox Interactive this week announced that Salem has now officially hit open beta. You can sign up to take part on the Salem website; just don’t be so fast to pick up anything that you may drop in the deep dark of the wilderness.

Source: Paradox Press Release

Salem Grows Even More Dangerous as Open Beta Begins

New MMORPG from Paradox Welcomes All Settlers Starting Today

NEW YORK — February 28, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, an intrepid explorer of new gaming territories, announced today that Salem: The Crafting MMO, the forthcoming free-to-play community-driven MMORPG from developer Seatribe, has begun Open Beta testing. The game, which challenges players to survive and settle in the new world of colonial North America, is now open for would-be pilgrims everywhere.

Salem can be downloaded from the game’s official site at

In Salem, players can step into the well-worn boots of brave pilgrims, arriving in a fledgling settlement and attempting to carve out their new homes in the untamed wilderness. To survive, pilgrims will need to learn from the land to boost their skills, scavenge for food, and harvest natural resources in a wide-open sandbox environment to craft tools and homes, and even establish their own in-game settlements. Danger lurks around every corner, however, and between wild animals, unseen perils, and their fellow players, surviving Salem is no lean feat: there are few restrictions on Player-versus-Player (PvP) attacks, no law except what the community makes, and in Salem, death is permanent.

By designing Salem with less of a traditional MMO structure, and instead presenting players with a persistent community sandbox with high-stakes consequences for conflict, Paradox and Seatribe are allowing the Salem community to shape their own experiences. The in-game society that has sprung up during closed beta – including a bustling barter-based economy, vigilantes and mob justice, and rival settlements, have all happened as a result of players’ choices and actions. With the new addition of more players during open beta, it will be fascinating to discover what the community ultimately makes of the world of Salem.

To give new players an idea what they’re in for, Paradox Interactive has released a new video featuring "Tarp Marpton" who continues his documentation of the new world. In Salem, players may assume the role of Pilgrims, bandits, natives or whatever they please. Welcome to the community driven MMO.

In addition, Paradox will be welcoming (and warning) their new Open Beta players in a live streaming event taking place today. Join the Salem developers and see what awaits you by tuning in at 9 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. PST) on the official Twitch TV channel for Paradox Interactive at

To learn more about Salem, visit the website at

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