Second Life Shows Off Graphics Improvements for First Decade

Posted Fri, Sep 27, 2013 by Martuk

It’s been an interesting first decade for the virtual world of Second Life. Since its creation, the virtual society has become a hub of virtual lifestyle activity and has even accumulated a few interesting stories in its first 10 years that include being featured in an episode of CSI: NY (Down the Rabbit Hole) and much more, including the “interesting” feat of creating human unicorn hybrid babies. And don’t even ask me how that happened. My job as Ten Ton Hammer’s dedicated news person has allowed me the unfortunate luxury of being able to confirm that there are indeed screenshots of the act out there on the Internet if you’re that curious.

Human unicorn babies aside, Second Life has undergone several changes to improve its virtual world in its first decade. Just a few things for new or returning players to expect are improvements to the graphics and lighting, an improved new user experience, streamlined chat and communication tools, and more. Oculus Rift support will also be added soon if you want the full virtual experience. Check out all the latest changes in the video below.

via Polygon
Source: Second Life YouTube


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