10 Tips for Playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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10 tips for playing the elder scrolls v: skyrim, skyrim tips

With the launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim today, RPG enthusiasts can look forward to losing many hours to this addictive game. Ten Ton Hammer’s review of Skyrim details the sandbox nature of the gameplay, both in character development and questing. As that players today are unused to having an incredible amount of choices available to them in games, this freedom can lead to some preventable problems with players. However, have no fear as that Ten Ton Hammer is here to give you ten tips to keep you heroically questing.

Tip #1 – Save Early, Save Often

Skyrim is a fairly punishing game- the bad thing about the concept that a dragon can swoop down on you at any time is, well, that a dragon can swoop down on you at any time. Worse, the game isn't too conscientious about auto-saving. Get in the habit of saving before and after every encounter and you'll save yourself a lot of backtracking. It is also helpful to save before making a big decision that could have a tremendous impact upon your game.

10 tips for playing the elder scrolls v: skyrim, skyrim tips
The world is dangeous. Save yourself grief and save often.

Tip #2 – Study the Skills

It is very prudent to thoroughly study each of the skills in the game and decide which ones you will concentrate on for the specific character you are playing. Concentrate your choices within a few skills and don’t spend your points across the board, thereby diluting your effectiveness. A wide variety of combat disciplines are at your disposal, but the more you stick to a single style - one handed blunt, destruction magic, etc. - the more your skills will grow, the more feats you can train, the less time you'll spend playing the menus to play the game, the better the equipment you'll feel compelled to invest in, and the more powerful a warrior you'll be. Save the other options for other characters, because (chances are) you're going to feel like playing this game more than once.

Tip #3 – Be a Smart Looter

Just like in Oblivion, just about everything that isn't nailed down is yours for the taking. Whether or not you want to use the red hand of theft (and reap the consequences) is your business, but everyone has to be concerned about inventory space. The game is fairly generous with inventory size, but you'll still want to carry only high value stuff away from long dungeon runs. A good rule of thumb is to only pick up items worth 10+ times their weight in gold.  Make sure that you grab the gold off of every corpse you see as that gold does not add any weight. Also, don’t be afraid to come right back to a dungeon after selling your excess inventory to grab any loot you left behind the first (or second) time.

10 tips for playing the elder scrolls v: skyrim, skyrim tips
The companion in the background looks healthy and could carry a lot of loot.

Tip #4 – Always have a Companion

Even though companions can (literally) get in the way, game difficulty is clearly balanced with the assumption that you'll be bringing a companion along, so do it! Some potential companions you'll nearly trip over, others are yours for the price of a conversation, and some others require a little more effort. Each companion is different so make sure you pick one that complements your combat style. Don’t be afraid to use companions as mules to carry extra loot that you pick up. You’ll be surprised by how much some of them can carry!

Tip #5 – Buy a House

Players can purchase a house in each major city. Houses are useful for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is that it’s a great place to store your stuff. As there are no banks, you will need a safe place to store all your goodies. To cut down on travelling for specific tasks, you can upgrade your house to allow you to cook and do alchemy. The bookshelves are especially handy for easily storing your book collection. After you purchase house upgrades, thoroughly search them as you will find inventory items and even some gold.


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