Star Citizen Hits $34 Million

Posted Mon, Dec 09, 2013 by Martuk

Star Citizen continues to grow as fans push the project past the $34 million. Week after week another goal seems to be smashed to unlock more content for a game that isn’t even out yet. The latest goal unlocks the MISC Hull C stretch goal.

MISC Hull C (Discreet) – Scaling from small “box trucks” to massive supertankers, the MISC range of cargo hulls (A-D) are the standard goods transporter in human space. Extremely configurable, MISC Hulls can be adapted for most any type of transport job: from standard bulk shipping on the patrolled spacelanes to armored cargo hauling on the frontier. While these pre-configured hulls are primarily used for legitimate purposes, the MISC Hull Cs have recently become the favorite for criminals who modify the ship with advanced sensor shadow technology, quick-decompress holds and a variety of hidden compartments without modifying the ship’s body so it will appear to onlookers as standard everyday transports.

The project was dubbed The Cult of Star Citizen by Xerin, who offered up a cautionary warning in a recent article that caught the attention of Chris Roberts. Roberts was kind enough to speak with Ricoxg in an interview about the subject.

Star Citizen has had a big influence on the crowdfunding scene, but the dangers of a project this big failing, or even worse, not getting made, after raising so much money and goodwill from fans could be insanely damaging to the industry. With any luck that won’t happen.

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Source: Letter from the Chairman

So it's ok for companies to invest millions of dollars of shareholders money into developing games that may fail, suck or even not make it to release. I have donated $350 of my money towards SC, as an avid gamer it just ment not buying 3-4 releases of the repetative franchise drool. The development team from SC are actively listening to and embracing both suggestions and issues raised by the gaming community durring development. I think everyone that has supported SC understands that the final game will not meet every idealogical expectation but at least they are actively trying to make the best game possible. I did not support this game because someone told me to do it, it was because there have been no great space sims recently and if anyone is capable of changing that it is Chris Roberts. Space Sims seem to be a bit of a niche market so large game manufactures seem to avoid substantial funding towards them, I also know that the money I donate to SC will largely go towards the game development rather than large advertising campaigns. I'm sick of being told what I want by game distributors, this is my way of telling them where they need to go.


Star Citizen is still bringing in the big bucks and has now raised $40,000,000. That's enough to buy 8 million Big Mac Meals!

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