Star Citizen Jumps Past the $18 Million Mark

Another week brings another million bucks to Star Citizen. Planetary FPS combat is coming if funding hits the $20 million stretch goal.

Star Citizen just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Chris RobertsÂ’ ambitious new space sim has hit the $18 million mark only a week after hitting $17 million. The project is already 37% on its way to the next stretch goal at $19 million, but the next big gameplay extension will come if the game hits the $20 million stretch goal, which will introduce FPS combat on select lawless planets, allowing players to take the fight to the planetary surface.

If youÂ’re still on the fence about buying into RobertsÂ’ new grand plan, maybe this new video can help you make up your mind. The video, a work in progress, offers a glimpse at some of the scenes planetside at the Terra Landing zone.

Source: Star Citizen Hits $18 Million

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