Star Citizen Warps Past $26 Million

Star Citizen’s crowdfunding momentum propels it past another milestone to earn new enhanced capital ships and a new stretch goal.

You guessed it. Another week has passed and another Star Citizen stretch goal has been blown away. Over the weekend the space sim warped past the $26 million mark, earning players the new enhanced capital ships system.

Enhanced Capital Ship Systems – In addition to the command and control systems we’ve already outlined, we’re going to expand capital ship functions! Lead a damage control team to fight fires and repair key systems during battle, control internal bulkheads to slow boarders and man a number of consoles, like navigation and engineering, that will make commanding a capital ship feel even more immersive.

The game is already 16% of the way to its $27 million mark, which will unlock the Banu Merchantman.

Banu Merchantman Unlocked – Banu traders are renowed for their merchant prowess, traveling the spacelanes and trading with everyone from humans to the Vanduul! Their sturdy, dedicated trading ships are prized beyond all other transports, sometimes passing from generation to generation of Banu. At $23 million we dedicated additional resources to making Xi’An spacecraft a unique experience. At $27 million, we will expand that same thinking to the Banu! Starting with the merchant ship, the design team will expand Banu technology to offer players a completely different way of experiencing their universe.

With the new stretch goal met and the next well on its way to being broken, Chris Roberts penned a new Letter from the Chairman to update fans on the funding progress and also announce a new $28 million goal. If met (and there’s no reason to think it won’t be at this pace), the new goal will add a new starter ship.

New Starter Ship – The team at Consolidated Outland has decided to take Roberts Space Industries head on in 2944 by premiering the Mustang personal spacecraft. We will use these additional resources to create another ship company and starter ship for Star Citizen. The new ship will be offered for sale alongside the Aurora, so players have a choice between two options to begin the game!

You can become a backer or keep track of the funding goals on the Star Citizen website.

As an extra added bonus today, the devs decided to release the entire art gallery for yesterday's revealed Idris Hangar. Be sure to check it out here.

Source: Letter from the Chairman

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