Star Trek: Infinite Space Reveals New Images of Klingon and Federation Ships

Posted Mon, Jan 24, 2011 by Martuk

If you found that Star Trek Online wasn't your thing, you might have heard about another online Star Trek game in the works called Star Trek: Infinite Space. The free-to-play casual browser-based game is currently in development under keen games and this week we have two new images of the game's Klingon Bird of Prey and Federation Galaxy Class Starships for your viewing pleasure. The new 3D renders offer a look at what kind of ship-based content players can expect from Star Trek: Infinite Space. Check them out below.

Star_Trek_IS_Bird_of_Prey_Render Star_Trek_IS_Galaxy-Cass_Render


After failing to find a publishing partner, Gameforge pulls the plug on the development of Star Trek: Infinite Space.

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