Star Trek: Infinite Space Screenshots Shows Off Exploration, Combat and Character Model

Posted Tue, Feb 15, 2011 by Martuk

Cryptic Studios wasn't the only one to grab up the rights to make an online Star Trek game. German developer keen games has been hard at work on their 3D browser-based online game, Star Trek: Infinite Space (ST:IS) since its announcement in June of last year and this week they've released a new batch of screenshots that show off the social, exploration and combative side of what ST:IS has to offer. Check them out below.

ST_IS_Battle ST_IS_Bar ST_IS_Exploration

After failing to find a publishing partner, Gameforge pulls the plug on the development of Star Trek: Infinite Space.

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Bigpoint pitches an offer for Star Trek: Infinite Space that could put the game back into development.

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Gameforge has been hit with a round of layoffs that claim 100 jobs and leaves the future of Star Trek: Infinite Space uncertain.

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Gameforge has beamed us over a few new exclusive images of a new ship for Star Trek: Infinite Space.

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