Ten Ton Hammer's Star Trek Online Community Site Goes Live!

*Queue atmospheric sci-fi music*

*Queue atmospheric sci-fi music*

MMOGs, the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Star Trek Online community site at Ten Ton Hammer. Its continuing mission: To explore strange new gameplay mechanics. To bring you the latest in exclusive news, interviews and guides. To boldly go where no gamer has gone before!

And isn’t that the dream of not only Star Trek fans around the world, but also for MMOG enthusiasts anxious to try something new? This week the Star Trek Online open beta kicked off, and with that, the countdown to release is on. Worried you're not up to speed with all things STO? Fear not, because Ten Ton Hammer has got your back.

Leading up to Star Trek Online’s official launch on Earthdate 2.02.10 and beyond, the site will feature all the exclusive guides, news, and entertainment you could want so you'll never feel lost.

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Check out some of our recent Star Trek Online pieces below!

Star Trek Online – Klingon Ship Repository
Want to know how many fore and aft weapons your B’rel Bird-of-Prey can handle? How about how many crew members your new K't'inga Battle Cruiser can house? We’ve got your answers right here.

Star Trek Online Beta Journal #1 - Welcome to Starfleet
In our first Star Trek Online beta journal, we'll look at the first few hours of the game and discuss some of our impressions right out of the gate.

Star Trek Online Beta Journal #2 - Customize and Optimize
See why Cryptic Studios retains the title of Character Customization Gods in their latest title, Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online Beta Journal #3 - Rising Through The Ranks
Confused about how grades and ranks work within Star Trek Online? See why it’s not as hard as you think.

STO: Klingons and PvP Q&A with Cryptic Studios
The recent announcement that Klingons would be PvP-only set the boards alight in record time so Ten Ton Hammer Executive Editor, Benjamin J. de la Durantaye sat down with Lead Content Designer, Zeke Sparkes, to get some answers surrounding this controversial subject.

Going Klingon - A Star Trek Online Q&A with Zeke Sparkes
Klingons have been the hot topic of Star Trek Online for the past couple of weeks and it has sparked a lot of discussion. Ten Ton Hammer wanted to get to the grit of the topic, so we spoke with Zeke Sparkes of Cryptic Studios.

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