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  • If there's one game that many individuals have been waiting years for, it's Star Trek Online. Through all the tumultuous escapades and
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    Mon, Aug 11, 2008
    Cody Bye
  • GDC Studio Visit: The Directions of STO posted this look at Star Trek Online earlier this week. Check it out!

    For folks who might not know, Star Trek Online is set about 20 years after the movie, Star Trek Nemesis. Setting the game outside of the direct timeline of the movies and the television show gives Perpetual the opportunity to branch out and put their own stamp on the Trek universe. As with any IP, that can be a risky business.

    More is just a click away.

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    Fri, Mar 09, 2007
  • Developer's Blog, Stardate 44804
    Ken Henderson, the art director of Star Trek Online has posted a developer's blog. Scantily clad, blue, alien women were seen exiting Ken's office prior to the posting of the blog. Using our universal translator we deduced that they may have said this:

    "Ken Henderson here, the Art Director for Star Trek Online. As I’m sure you’ve heard about by now we’ve released some imagery that gives a peak into how we’re evolving the look of Star Trek. We were excited to share the images on Friday in Las Vegas and are equally excited to be posting them on our BLOG. It was great talking with some of you at the convention and getting your reactions first hand. Look for more updates of this nature as the project progresses. I’ll also be throwing up a non-image entry from time to time just to share some thoughts or pose some questions. Either way, the BLOG will be a great resource for the projects Art Direction from here on out. Before I dive in I want to acknowledge all the help and guidance from Paramount as we’ve progressed. Harry Lang has been a great source of encouragement and enthusiasm for the work that we have been doing and having his input in this process has been invaluable. "

    You can read the entire Star Trek Online Developer's Blog at The Official Site.

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    Wed, Aug 17, 2005
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