Federation Races: Alien

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Create your own Species!

You may be from a planet that is a Federation member. You might be from a race that is not part of the United Federation of Planets, or from a colony world that has chosen to break away. Or maybe you're something completely new.

You've chosen to leave your homeworld and join Starfleet. You believe in the ideals of the Federation and you're willing to risk your life to protect them. Perhaps someday you'll discover a new world and introduce its inhabitants to your culture.

Additional Traits to Choose: 4

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The Undine are back and they’re conflict will be the key focus in Season 9 of STO next month.

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Tue, Mar 18, 2014

Pick your poison. It seems like many games want your attention this weekend and they’re hosting an assortment of events to get it.

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Sat, Mar 15, 2014

Perfect World brings Mac players into the fold to aid in the conflict between the Federation and Klingon Empire.

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Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Star Trek Online’s XP skill point gains go to warp for a weekend of bonuses and Fleet Project reruns.

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Fri, Mar 07, 2014

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