Klingon Races: Gorn

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A cold-blooded, reptilian species, Gorn are many times stronger than Humans, but are slower and less agile. Their stamina is greater than that of Humans. They have sharp teeth and claws on their hands and feet. Their silvery, faceted eyes resemble insects.

Gorn have equivalent intelligence and technology to most Federation races. They are territorial and stubborn, and have racial memories that go back hundreds of years. The Gorn have organized their culture in a caste structure led by a monarch. The Gorn once ruled great stretches of space in the Alpha Quadrant, and it is their ultimate goal to conquer every world that was once under their domain.

In the late 24th century, the Gorn Hegemony became embroiled in a long war with the Klingons. In 2404, the Gorn homeworld fell to a Klingon fleet, and the Gorn were absorbed into the Klingon Empire.

Gorn Required Traits

+25% Fire and +10% Plasma DoT Resistance
Reptilian Strength
+17.5% Melee Damage and Knockback
+5% Physical and Energy Resistance

Additional Traits to Choose: 1

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