Klingon Races: Nausicaan

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A humanoid species native to the planet Nausicaa, Nausicaans are known for their aggression and their bad tempers.

Taller and stronger than Humans, Nausicaans have ashen skin and a prominent facial bone structure. Sharp tusks protrude from their mouths. Some Nausicaan have a line of bone horns that run down their foreheads. Their voices are deep with a distinct accent. Nausicaan culture is rooted in violence, and they enjoy games that involve pain or risk.

Nausicaans are most often seen as pirates or mercenaries, and will work for the highest bidder. They build hidden bases in asteroid belts, from which they raid civilian ships and freighters. In the 2390s, the Nausicaans were hired by the Gorn to aid them in their war against the Klingon Empire. When the Gorn Hegemony was defeated by the Klingons, the Nausicaans were absorbed into the Empire as well.

Nausicaan Required Traits

Physical Strength
+10% Melee Damage
+20% Stealth and +30% Exploit Damage

Additional Traits to Choose: 2

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