Star Trek Online Mixes EV Suits and Dilithium Mining

Posted Fri, Mar 23, 2012 by Martuk

Following the conclusion of the most recent Star Trek Online (STO) Feature Episode, The 2800: Boldly They Rode, players got the chance to spacewalk in EV suits for the first time. But the suits stuck around afterwards and this week Cryptic explained why. In Season 5 Dev Blog #34, Cryptic revealed a new daily mining mission that players can engage in for a chance to earn some Dilithium. This new mining mission is the first of what Cryptic plans to do with the new STO EV suits, so expect more in the future.

As part of the new mission, Cryptic is holding a new event this weekend that will allow players to claim a new Orange EV suit for free, which usually costs around 80k Dilithium, and will again after this weekend’s event. Head over and check out the blog to find out more about the mission, rewards and this weekend’s event. You can sign up to play for free on the Star Trek Online website.

Source: STO Season 5 Dev Blog #34 – Dilithium Mining


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