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  • For a minute I panicked. I had that horrid clenching of the stomach and felt like I may just spew. However, Game Still On! Gamasutra reports the details

    Though not specifically mentioned, it appears that Bethesda’s acquisition of the license will have no effect on Perpetual Entertainment’s currently in development Star Trek Online massively multiplayer role-playing game. Many multiformat media licensors, such as Marvel, have treated massively multiplayer online games as a separate issue in the past.

    When I read that I breathed a sigh of relief. That's all that matters. *comes down off of her ledge*

    More News and Info on Star Trek Online

    Wed, Jan 25, 2006
  • Star Trek or Star Wars? Maybe this will help you decide.
    has questions for Daron Stinnett over Star Trek Online and he has some answers: Let us begin with an introduction to who you are, what you do
    and what you’re working on.

    Daron Stinnett: Hi, my name is Daron Stinnett. I am the Executive Producer
    for Star Trek Online. The gaming industry draws from all quarters. Can you run us through
    how you came to your current job?

    Daron Stinnett: I’ve been making games professionally for 25 years starting
    in High School at a time when the typical team size was one. My focus for
    the first half of my career was on programming but the nature of small teams
    gave me the opportunity to become involved in most aspects of development.
    In 1990 I moved to the Bay Area to join Spectrum HoloByte where I Executive
    Produced the Simulations group responsible for Falcon 3.0 and other flight
    sims. About 12 years ago I joined LucasArts as a Project Leader/Director leading
    the development of several titles including Dark Forces, Outlaws, Starfighter,
    and most recently, Republic Commando.
    MMOs are the new frontier for both game players and developers. They offer
    an opportunity for innovation that has all but vanished from the traditional
    games market. So after several years on the console side of the business,
    I decided to jump into MMO development by joining Perpetual Entertainment
    to head-up Star Trek Online.

    Of course he says he loves his job... who wouldn't want to work at Perpetual?

    Wed, Dec 21, 2005
  • News Flash: MMO Gamers like Star Trek!
    In one of the biggest porkbarrel market research studies ever conducted, Perpetual Entertainment has indeed found that there is a market for their 2-year-out take on the Star Trek universe.

    This just in: massively multiplayer online role-playing game players are interested in a Star Trek MMORPG. That's the not-so-shocking conclusion of a market study conducted by Nielsen Media Research and Perpetual Entertainment, developer of the forthcoming PC MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

    Check out the earthshattering Nielson survey results at Gamespot.
    Do you have a lifelong aspiration to join in a Vulcan mindmeld with an major MMO developer?

    Sat, Dec 03, 2005
  • Star Trek and Star Wars Get a Revamp In the Same Week
    Not much in the way of screenshots yet, but the folks at Perpetual have given their site quite a revamp. It's extreme home makeover, federation style.

    The official blog home of the Star Trek Online development team has a new look! This improved version of our 'In Development' site will still provide you with official news about the game and special insights from members of the team, plus it will allow us to coordinate new blog publishing over the RSS feed more precisely. We hope you enjoy the chance to peek inside the game's evolution, and be sure to watch for our official community site launch expected in 2006!

    Check out the revamped Star Trek Online weblog.
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    Tue, Nov 29, 2005
  • Shields up!

    Perpetual developer Eric Heimburg tells us a little more about combat in the infant Star Trek Online project. Piloting your craft through a two dimensional plane with the ability to exploit three-dimensional space is the plan; and if you can figure out how this works, string theory is probably as easy as pie for you. Mmm, pie.

    What Daron was referring to was 2D movement. This is indeed our baseline for movement – it's the starting point from which players can diverge when they need to. This means that players will be able to steer the ship without having to take three dimensions into account, in general. Some people have reacted as if this was a travesty of canon, but that isn't true at all. Actually, we're modeling exactly what we see in the shows. You rarely see a battle where one of the vessels is pointed upside down or rotated 90 degrees. Heck, the number of times we've seen the Enterprise in a vertical direction can be counted on one hand. Most of the time, the ship is shown in a 2D plane, facing off against other enemies in roughly the same 2D plane. This is because Star Trek battles are not about dog-fighting and outmaneuvering. They're about strategy and outthinking one's opponent.

    More dev blog goodness from Perpetual and the Star Trek Online crew here.

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    Wed, Oct 26, 2005
  • Developer's Blog, Stardate 9302005
    Since we haven't covered the Star Trek Online blog entries in a little while, I thought I ought to see what's going on with every Trekkie's dream. Comments on game economy hint at a very deep and varied player "things to do" palette, and the Perpetual team is building its first starship. Oh, and if the internet feels a little slow this morning, it might be because of a nerd stampede: Perpetual just announced that they're looking for someone to "compile and catalog visual reference material from the web and other sources."

    "Ian is making great progress on our client engine and we're starting to
    see early examples of our real-time graphics. My short remark here
    doesn't begin to pay tribute to the significance of this piece of
    progress. We should be flying a camera around some sample interiors
    soon and having a character walking around is not too far off either."

    View the full Star Trek Online blog entries at the STO official site.
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    • Past Star Trek Online News - When a game is still two years out, there's no such thing as stale news.
    • Star Trek Humour - Yea, I used the English spelling, but only under protest! When in Rome, do as the Romulans do.
    Tue, Oct 04, 2005
  • Computer, Dev Notes On Screen!
    STO developed Daron Stinett posted a large blog entry detailing the basic design of the game, namely what will be availble to players as they rise through the ranks of the Federation. So begins a long parade of silly trekkie one-liners we'll use to announce the slightest bit of news coming out of the Perpetual camp!

    " At lower levels, players will access away missions via transporters and NPC piloted shuttles for missions beyond transporter range. As players rise in rank, they will gain access to player piloted shuttles and ships, and ultimately assigned a permanent commission. Personal (PC) ships are small to medium sized and assigned based on player department. They are primarily designed to be piloted by the owner but may have options for multiple players to work together as a bridge crew. Groups of players with ships can band together to tackle missions. Players will be able to walk around their ships, with medium sized (i.e. Defiant class) and larger ships providing more elaborate interiors and appropriate amenities. Manning any of the bridge consoles will enable an external tactical view for combat. The performance, appearance, and amenities of personal ships can be upgraded and customized."

    Head here to read the entire Dev Blog entry at!

    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
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