Star Wars: The Old Republic – Crew Skills and Jedi Classes Q&A with Daniel Erickson

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Learning that he won’t have to travel the cold interstellar reaches of Star Wars: The Old Republic by himself, Ten Ton Hammer’s Jeff “Ethec” Woleslagle decided to track down lead writer Daniel Erickson. Evading ruthless bounty hunters, Ethec met with his quarry to discuss a player’s companions and crew in the upcoming MMOG, along with details on classes, stats, quests, and more.

Daniel Erickson: Every time we have a discussion, we always try to insist that BioWare games need to be shown in a large chunk because theyÂ’re story-driven and so much of it comes from contacts. Trying to show a BioWare game in fifteen minutes is like trying to take your favorite page from your favorite novel and show somebody how good a book it is.

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