SWTOR Patch 1.3 Interview with Daniel Erickson

Posted Tue, May 22, 2012 by Xerin

We sit down with Daniel Erickson, Lead Designer at BioWare for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and ask the questions that everyone is wanting to answer to, including when can we expect server transfers and what goodies await in patch 1.3?

Ten Ton Hammer: Is the developing team satisfied with the current direction of the game or can we look forward to the game moving into another direction, like harder content with more prestige items?

Daniel Erickson: The best thing about a live MMO is that you have a living, changing game. SWTOR will continue to evolve and improve across the board.

Harder content outside the operations is a personal passion of mine and in future content you can expect to be in the open world and see a combat set up that makes you stop and think “Okay, now how do I handle this?”

Read more over at SWTORHUB - SWTOR Patch 1.3 Interview with Daniel Erickson.


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