Star Wars: The Old Republic's James Ohlen Teases New Content

Updated Mon, Jan 09, 2012 by Martuk

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) came out the launch gate running. With over one million players already registered for SWTOR and playing since the game’s December 20th launch, BioWare wants to keep that momentum flowing into 2012.

In our Ten Ton Hammer SWTOR review, Sardu called for more details from BioWare on a solid plan for future content. Creative Director James Ohlen may have read those words because just before BioWare headed out for the holidays he posted a preview of some of the new content slated for release next month. According to Ohlen, SWTOR fans will be getting an all new Flashpoint and an expanded Operation (SWTOR’s version of raids).

The Flashpoint will take place on an all new planet and involve a plague that could threaten the galaxy. While Ohlen didn’t give a great deal of detail on the expanded Operation, he did state that it there will be three new bosses and that it will take place in the existing Karagga’s Palace scenario, more than tripling its size.

Next month we're going to be releasing a new Flashpoint and an expanded Operation. The new Flashpoint involves a plague that could have significant repercussions across the galaxy. It takes place on a brand new world and involves some pretty epic battles. I can’t go into much detail, but be prepared for something different. The expanded Operation takes the existing Karagga’s palace scenario and more than triples it in size. It includes three new boss monsters and some pretty epic set pieces. You won’t believe the last boss, so we’ve provided an image as a tease.

Ohlen also teased a new image of the last of the three bosses in the expanded Operation. Check it out below.

Source: A Sneak Peek from James Ohlen

Update: SWTOR Update 1.1 Adding New Flashpoint, Raid Bosses and Squashing More Bugs



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