SWTOR's 1.6 Update Launches December 11th

SWTOR’s next update deploys tomorrow to add the Ancient Hypergate PvP warzone and new Heroic space missions.

BioWare brings the latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic to live servers tomorrow just ahead of its first anniversary on December 20th.1.6: Ancient Hypergate is scheduled to launch with tomorrow’s maintenance window from 2:00am CT- 8:00am CT.

1.6 will add the new Ancient Hypergate PvP warzone and Heroic difficulty space missions. Additionally, new items will be added along with a number of UI and Group Finder tweaks for high level players. PTS patch notes for the update are available here. Just keep in mind that they could change before the final patch deployment.

Source: 1.6: Ancient Hypergate Release Announcement

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