SWTOR Preps for High Server Population Tech Test

Posted Thu, Sep 13, 2012 by Martuk

BioWare is looking to increase the current server population caps for Star Wars: The Old Republic with some new tech in preparation of the upcoming forced server migrations for characters remaining on their origin servers from earlier this year. To aid in testing out the new tech, and hopefully to avoid melting the universe when it goes live, BioWare has opened a new temporary public test server.

To help facilitate the testing, any player that has a character located on an East Coast server have automatically had their characters copied to the new test server to aid in the testing, which begins today. Once the tech is tested and deployed, characters remaining on an origin server will be moved to one of the new high population destination servers.

If you have a current subscription and would like to aid in the testing, check out the official announcement for more details and instructions on how you can take part.

Source: SWTOR High Population Server Tech Test Announcement


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