SWTOR Teases 2.4: Dread War Update

BioWare teases new warzones, Operations, missions, and the Dread War coming with SWTOR’s 2.4 update.

Star Wars: The old RepublicÂ’s 2.4 Update is going through its paces on PTS and will soon be making its way to live servers. This week BioWare launched a new update page to tease the content slated for release with 2.4. The update will introduce a new level 55 Operation known as The Dread Fortress, challenging players to take on the Dread Masters and their servants. Additionally, new 4v4 PvP Warzones Arenas will be added.

You can read all about the update on the SWTOR website. Check it out for yourself on PTS.

Source: 2.4: The Dread War

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