SWTOR - Companion Romance Advice with Khem Val

Posted Tue, Dec 06, 2011 by Sardu

Companion Romance Advice with Khem Val

Self-proclaimed romance expert Khem Val offers his advice to lovestruck gamers in this special Empire edition of Companion Romance Advice with Khem Val:

Dear Khem Val: Ever since first being introduced to Mako I’ve really wanted to “hunt her bounty” if you know what I mean. The trouble is, no matter how much I flirt with her, Mako seems too distracted by the Great Hunt and her own long-winded babble about her past to take notice. Or maybe she does notice but isn’t interested and is too shy to admit it?

Can you give me some advice?

- Mako or Breako

Khem Val: Mako is a puny, insignificant creature and would not make a very good meal.

Be sure to head over to to continue reading the first edition of Companion Romance Advice with Khem Val!

LOL nice I look forward to more of these!

Dear Khem Val,

I have been treading into the depths of that tomb to gaze upon the wonders of your form and hear you voice echoing in the cavern. I now find you are not there, oh truest when will you return?


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