Marketing The Old Republic – Old-School Style!

Posted Mon, Jan 09, 2012 by jeffprime

SWTOR Marketing The Old Republic Old-School Style

The Old Republic has had a very successful launch and hordes of gamers are criss-crossing the galaxy questing within the Star Wars universe. Prior to the game’s launch, EA had a good promotional blitz, both with con appearances and, during the launch date, television commercials. However, the time for marketing The Old Republic shouldn’t be over. EA and BioWare should build upon the player base and continue to market the game to lure even more players into the The Old Republic’s web. How should they market the game in the 21st century? With old-school marketing that helped launch the original Star Wars movie of course!

Wouldn’t it be great if The Old Republic had action figures of their own? Who wouldn’t want to grab their favorite character class as an action figure? You could have playsets for each of the special locations on the various planets. Imagine recreating your talks with Nem’ro the Hutt in his palace with a cool playset. There could be figures for all the major NPCs you deal with, all the varieties of aliens you come across, and all of the companions that players can get. (However, I wouldn’t leave Khem Val alone with other figures as that he would probably eat them!)

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