Intro Guide to Crafting in The Old Republic

Posted Mon, Jan 16, 2012 by Ethec

SWTOR Intro Guide to Crafting in The Old Republic

Crafting has been one of the staple gameplay mechanics in MMOs since the birth of the genre, and The Old Republic is no exception. The crafting system – referred to in-game as Crew Skills – works a bit differently than in other games, however. The following guide will get you up to speed quickly on each of the 14 available crew skills, and how the overall system works.

Crafting skills allow your companions to produce useful items for your character or crew such as armor, weapons, mods, and consumables. Unlike Gathering or Mission skills, you may only choose one Crafting skill per character. With that in mind, most players will choose a Crafting skill first which then helps determine which gathering or mission skill represents an optimal pairing

Head over to and read our Intro Guide to Crafting in The Old Republic.


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