SWTOR Sith Warrior Companion Guide

Posted Tue, Apr 10, 2012 by jeffprime

star wars the old republic sith warrior companion guide

The Sith Warrior is a brutal figure in Star Wars: The Old Republic, seeking to subjugate the Republic under the iron heel of the Sith. Accomplishing that task is easier said than done, and that is where the Sith Warrior's companions come into play. While the Sith Warrior is a master of up-close-and-personal Force brutality, they do rely upon their companions like every other class in The Old Republic. During the course of gameplay, the Sith Warrior will gather five companions to join him on his journey. Each companion has their own combat role and brings different abilities to the table, so the decision of which companion is best is up to you, the player. You'll decide which companion goes best with your Sith Warrior depending upon the situation and your playstyle. To that end, has put together a complete guide to the Sith Warrior's companions, including their crew skill bonuses, combat acumen, and likes and dislikes.

Jaesa Willsaam was born into a family of servants and was later taken into the Jedi Order. She has the unique ability to discover a person's most secret intentions and discern their true nature. She was drawn away from the protection of the Jedi by Darth Baras, the Sith Warrior's mentor, and this is where she will join the Sith Warrior. There is a huge twist though in that the player decides if Jaesa Willsaam is going to be Light Side or Dark Side. The choice made will reflect her views on the player's choices and impact the affection gained or lost accordingly.

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