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  • The Kidnapping

    The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with a notice filling us in on an upcoming event.

    It's time to have some fun on Arispotle! Join us on this Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 8 pm GMT (3 pm EST) in the race to save Wandaxia from the evil kidnappers and return her to the arms of her loving father.

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    Tue, Jan 23, 2007
  • Leaving the Ruins of Silan

    The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with some news regarding an upcoming patch.

    In a future patch we plan to modify the NPCs that teleport you from the starter island to the mainland.

    More freedom will be given to the refugees of Silan. The Karavan communication officer and the Kami guide will offer to teleport them to the capital city of their race (as is now the case) but they will also teleport them to any of the 3 others capitals, even though they will not be as keen to do so. Yep, maybe the strong presence of neutrality due to the big Atys Rangers' camp somehow weakened the will of the Factions that live nearby...

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    Thu, Jan 11, 2007
  • First Words From Gameforge

    Today the official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with news of a statement concerning the game by new owner Gameforge.

    Maybe you wonder why did Gameforge acquire Ryzom and what are their thoughts on the future of the game? Find here the first articles about the take over.

    Klaas Kersting, Director of Gameforge AG, and Carsten van Husen, CEO of Gameforge 4D (subsidiary company) answered an interview on Gamesdynamite about their view on Ryzom's future (in German only). For our French readers, Faunis from Aniro provided a good French translation of this article on the forum.

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    Thu, Dec 28, 2006
  • Good News!

    Also on the official site for Saga of Ryzom is a note filled with good news! The new owner of the game has been announced and things are about to settle down for developers and players alike.

    The news you were all waiting for is finally here. The new owner of Ryzom was revealed: we are happy to welcome Gameforge who will take on the saga that is Ryzom tonight at midnight (GMT+1).

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    Thu, Dec 21, 2006
  • Patch Day Today

    On the official site for Saga of Ryzom we're given a look at the patch notes for the patch that is occuring today!

    Let's have a look at the main content of this patch:

    * Welcome back to the NPC Bosses!
    * The 1 Hand weapons should hit at their wished speed.
    * The Guild window will display the online status of the guild members.
    * Guild Leader and High Officers will be able to set a guild MOTD with the command /guildmotd "bla blah".

    Read the full patch notes to learn more.

    Thu, Dec 21, 2006
  • Decision Delayed

    The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with a news piece giving us an update on the situation in France.

    A brief news to keep you all in the loop with today's happenings.
    There has been a slight delay on the administrative procedures side of things (a piece of paper not folded in the right position on someone's desk, or something like that) so the final decision as to which party gets its hands on the game will be delayed.

    Keep reading to find out mre details.

    Tue, Dec 19, 2006
  • News On The Current Situation

    The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with an update on their current situation.

    Nevrax : News On The Current Situation by Marjo
    As you may already know, there was a hearing at the commerce tribunal today about the future of Nevrax. The discussion was short and went as expected.

    As a number of serious take over offers had been officially presented, the court decided that we continue our activity normally until Ryzom is passed over to its new owner.

    The name of the prospective buyers are still secret, however we should be able to tell you more between December the 12th and the 19th.

    Thu, Dec 07, 2006
  • Whats Up At Nevrax?

    The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with a surprising and startling announcement...

    As you will no doubt know, Ryzom has been going through a transition over the last few months. This transition is continuing into the new year and changes are starting to happen today.

    The first news is that while the game WILL continue to run and be supported, Nevrax (as a corporate entity) will be going into receivership next month. We emphasize again that the game will continue to run and be supported as this is not the beginning of the end - just the end of the beginning.

    As you all, we love our game and we want to see Atys and its homins continue to evolve. We are not alone in this feeling as from the shadows a company has emerged and are currently preparing a plan to take on Ryzom. We can't tell you more at the moment since it is being discussed but we will keep you informed when we get hard facts. We can assure you that much is happening behind the scenes.

    Get clicking to learn more. Our best wishes to the whole crew at Nevrax!

    Tue, Nov 21, 2006
  • A slaughter week for Halloween!

    The official site for Saga of Ryzom has been updated with an announcment of their Halloween plans. Get ready for a full week of fun!

    Seven days to go until the season of the witch hits us. On Atys, dark beings are stirring, mysterious sightings of strange creatures are rumoured. Something wicked this way comes.
    To celebrate Halloween next week, expect a few changes to Atys as you know it.

    Get clicking to learn more! Share your MMO Halloween plans with us in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

    Tue, Oct 24, 2006
  • The Ryzom Ring is released! Be the first to try it!

    Its been a while coming, but launch time is upon us! Ryzom Ring has gone live according to today's press release.

    Nevrax, announced today the released of the Ryzom Ring, its first ground breaking expansion for the massively-multiplayer online science fantasy role playing game (MMORPG) Ryzom. Be among the first in online role playing History to create, play and share your own adventures in a persistent online world!

    "After two years of challenging development, we are very proud to be the first MMORPG studio in the world to launch integrated Adventure creation tools”, declared Daniel Miller, CTO and Executive Producer of the Ring. “Ryzom Ring offers a whole new dimension of massive online gaming, empowering players to add their own adventures for the first time within a persistent online world. We are now looking forward to seeing quite how ingenious our players will be and admiring the scenarios they dream up”.

    Read the full press release for more details. Have you heard about our Ryzom Ring Giveaway? Get your chance to win here! Don't miss out on the latest exclusive article featuring Ryzom Rings senario creation tools!

    Wed, Oct 04, 2006
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