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  • Nevrax has written a document detailing the question of characters having the same name in the upcoming Ryzom Ring.

    After we spoke about the architecture change some time ago, you raised the issue of the existence of a same name on several servers. For instance, what would happen if two characters having the same name, one from Leanon and the other from Aniro, met in a Ring scenario?

    We thought about a viable solution, to allow you to keep your name, and yet being able to know who's who (in mails, /tell, contact list, System Info window and R² scenario). I explain below what we have in mind.

    1. The way to contact someone would slightly change

    * By default, when you will /tell someone, the game will assume that you are trying to reach a player from your own server.
    To contact Franck from your server, nothing changes; you simply type /tell franck Hello

    * If you want to contact someone from another server you would need to add his server's name before his name, or after it in brackets, as follow: /tell shard.playername blablah; or /tell playername(shard) blablah
    You are on Aniro. To contact Franck from Leanon, you'd have to type /tell leanon.franck Hello; or /tell franck(leanon) Hello

    * In a Ring session, the same rule applies. To contact someone from your server, you would use the /tell the same way as before. But to contact someone from another server you'd need to add his server name:
    /tell franck(leanon); /tell arispotle.bob

    Note: upper cases have no influence on the command.

    You can read the rest here.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • The next IRL for Saga of Ryzom is coming up. They want to know where you want to have it.

    Well it's getting close to that time again folks, the next IRL is going to happen and we want to get some idea of where you'd like to go for it. After all, it's your meet so you should get a say in where it is held.
    The last two have been held in The Old Star in London (transport links to London are very good, plenty of cheap hotels if people want to stay over and apparently there are one or two things to see and do in the city if you arrive early) so if you'd prefer we can do that again. Or we can find another venue in the city, or even choose a different city altogether.

    Bear in mind if you want to choose a different city it would be a good idea to make it one with good links so people don't struggle to get there. So feel free to give us your views so we can decide on the best place between us all to meet up, exchange war stories and quite possibly explore the contents of the bar.

    Um.. I wouldn't mind hitting London in a storm of Gamer wonder. You can leave your comments right here.

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    Fri, Jun 02, 2006
  • Corrective Patch seems like such a strong word. But there you have it folks. When our favorite team of MMOG superheroes sends a patch down the wire it's because someone hosed it all up. At least the Ryzom team has the gall to admit it.

    We will apply a corrective patch to the live servers tomorrow Thursday. They will thus be unavailable from 11am to 3pm GMT+1 (Paris time).

    In a nutshell:
    - The Outpost forage tool will be craftable;
    - War declaration costs will increase;
    - You will not be able to cancel a war declaration anymore;
    - A guild won't be able to abandon its Outpost anymore. Unless if it owns 10 Outposts (the maximum a guild can own), in which case it can abandon 1;
    - When you leave an Outpost area during a war session, an Outpost PvP timer starts and lasts for 10 minutes, which is the time you have to wait before not being involved in PvP anymore.
    Each time you will heal an ally or attack an enemy of the Outpost within this time, the timer will restart to 10 minutes.
    - Respawn points will be safe zones even in PvP;
    - Mektoubs won't be exchangeable anymore for the time being;
    - Some altars will be back to their right place;
    - Tickets at Oflovak Oasis will be fixed.

    Enjoy your time in game after it comes back up!

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    Thu, Jan 12, 2006
  • Working Title interviewed Jessica Mulligan of Asheron's Call and Ultima Online fame. The interview focuses on her new project Saga of Ryzom. I tittered a little at this question. But hey.. I'm a titterer

    Was ‘Ryzom’ your very first project?

    ‘Ryzom’ is the company’s first game, yes, although we hope to do other games in the future.

    … and for you?

    … for me, personally, this is far from my first project (laughs). I’ve been in the industry 20 years and worked on over a dozen MMOs, including Ultima Online and the Asheron’s Call series.

    It's short but it gets the message out there. Ms Mulligan is poising to work her magic for Nevrax.

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    Thu, Dec 29, 2005
  • The official site has been revamped and this is what they have to say about it!

    Players have been dreaming of it since the appearance of MMO’s. The Ryzom Ring does it!

    For the 1st time, MMORPG players will be given the tools they need to create their own game spaces and scenarios. The Ring allows players to be creators, giving them the power to decide the way they want to play, offering a unique game experience to the whole community that has never seen within an MMORPG.

    That’s what the Ryzom Ring is all about!

    Power To The Players!

    *Raises Her Fist in the Air* Power To the People!

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    Wed, Dec 21, 2005
  • Because only four journals isn't enough.
    RPGVault has posted The Saga of Ryzom Journal #5, featuring the Zorai race. Lance Armstrong agreed to come out of retirement, a ballsy move on his part, to join the Zorai race. At the press conference he stated:

    " A mysterious place with a history full of secrets, the exotic, organic world of Atys is made up of five distinct bio-diverse ecosystems ranging from parched desert to temperate forest, unspoiled lake lands, lush jungle and the eerie caverns of the Prime Roots. It is populated by four races that are collectively known as homins. Each of these has a different genetically predisposed role, and therefore its own society reflecting its particular values. The Fyros are warriors who maintain a constant vigil in order to protect the planet against its greatest threat, fire. Theirs is a relatively austere culture built upon a strict code of honor. The Matis are decadent aristocrats and skilled biologists dedicated to maintaining the flora surrounding them. The Zorais are mystics, with powers shrouded in secrecy, and the Trykers are playful spirits who seek only freedom. "

    You can read the entire The Saga of Ryzom Journal #5 at RPGVault.
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    Thu, Sep 22, 2005
  • In the beginning, there was Atys...

    Nevrax Entertainment takes things (literally) back to the beginning with their "World Tour" of the out-now Fantasy MMOG "Saga of Ryzom."

    Across the universe, past vast galaxies, there was a great fusion of matter, and a unique world came into being. The primeval roots were soon sprouting green tendrils into the sky, fowl were soaring on the wing, and beasts romping in the frenetic miracle of Life.

    There lives on this planet, called Atys, humanoids, called homins. There are four homin races: Matis, Tryker, Fyros and Zoraï. To this day, nobody has managed to shed light on the mystery surrounding their arrival. A legend nonetheless has been passed on through the ages, and this legend is the key to discovering the secret behind the origins of Atys.

    More storyline and screenshots than shake your Saga at in the Ryzom "World Tour" at!

    Wed, Aug 31, 2005
  • Reading the forums, so you don't have to.
    The good folks at Nevrax have put together another Saga of Ryzom forum watch, which is basically a compilation of the best threads. While compiling a list of best quotes by Kevin Pereira on Attack of the Show we found that there weren't any. We reserve the right to substitution and in place of the list we give you this:

    "We decided to gather here the posts made by the Ryzom team on the
    boards: from now on, and periodically, I will write a news compiling
    these posts. It will allow you to know what is said on the boards while
    saving you the trouble of having to browse many threads. ;) This way,
    you will also be able to know what is told on the forums of the other
    communities. "

    You can read the entire Saga of Ryzom Forum Watch at the Official Site.
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    Tue, Aug 30, 2005
  • Happy Anniversary Ryzom.
    Nevrax has posted a Letter to the Players of Ryzom on the official site. The band Saga claimed they had never been to Ryzom and that the following was not written by them:

    " Thank you for being extremely patient as we got our act together here. Thank you while we did our ‘spring clean’ patch to clean up a bunch of outstanding issues. Thank you while we put processes in place to get the content finished in a more sane manner, with more quality testing. In general, thank you; because of your patience, the next two months are going to see a whole slough of new content and features delivered to you. "

    You can read the entire Saga of Ryzom Letter to Players at the Official Site.

    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • A French pixel-fest.
    A gathering of Saga of Ryzom players took place in France. It's possible that they wrote this:

    "I do not know where to start - the list is so long! About 120 players of the French Ryzom community met at the "Flam's Colisée" restaurant in Paris to share a moment full of joy and emotions. :)"


    You can read the entire Saga of Ryzom French Community article at The Official Site.

    Thu, Jun 16, 2005
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