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  • has an interview with Darkfall's Tasos Flamouras For those who do enjoy PvP, can you explain the reasons why PvP in Darkfall will be something new and exciting for them?

    Tasos Flambouras: More than any other game before it, Darkfall brings the fantasy battlefield to blood-splattering, neck-chopping life:

    Spell explosions blow you away from the battle line with kinetic force; blood splatters on your armor as the ditch-bound head of a decapitated foe rolls past; smoke from fireball bursts reduce vision temporarily until the wind carries it away; warhorses kick savagely and opponents physically block your progress as you race to execute a wound-stunned enemy before their healers get to him; thundering hooves signal victory as your cavalry arrives just in time to turn the tide of battle.

    MMOG combat has tended towards the boringly static, with players deducting hit points from each other while micromanaging their characters. In Darkfall, however, combat is as unpredictable, visceral, action-packed and intense as medieval fantasy combat can be.

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    Fri, Jan 27, 2006
  • Almost To Beta...
    got a glimpse of Aventurine's MMO Darkfall:

    Darkfall is an interesting endeavor from Greek-based Aventurine, which brought
    aboard the original Norwegian developers, Razorwax. Currently approaching
    beta, it takes place in a world called Agon that will offer six diverse playable
    races aligned in three groups. Humans, Dwarves and the elven Mirdain make
    up one. Orks and the Mahirim wolf-men comprise another, while the Alfar are
    friendless pariahs.

    Why is it that Elves, Humans and Dwarves are always in the same Alliance? If
    it was me, I would choose Orks to be on my side. They are crazy mean!

    Tue, Dec 13, 2005
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