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  • The Hundred Days War...

    GameSpot has the last installment of the developer journals on their site that give us a glimpse of the lore behind ArchLord. This week's addition talks about the Hundred Days War.

    1.15. Dulan 522--The Beginning of the Hundred Days War

    By now Ugdrasil had gone very far down the dark path the prophet had spoken of. He saw ultimate power as the only source of peace, and from his studies into the darkest corners of Elemental magic he began to crave the ultimate power of an ArchLord.

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    Wed, Aug 30, 2006
  • Diary #2

    Gamespot has another addition to the ArchLord dev diary on their site. In this entry we are treated to more of the history of the world and a bit about the races within it.

    When Cyripus' men didn't find the Archons in Gracia's village, Cyripus supposed she must have left them elsewhere for safekeeping. The safest place she would have known was the main temple in Serend, so that is where he turned his attention next. Dikain, a monk of the highest level, guarded the temple. He was a formidable force all on his own, but since he was surrounded by his people, he was invincible. Cyripus knew he had to destroy Dikain from the inside if he had any hope of gaining any Archons that he guarded.

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    Tue, Aug 22, 2006
  • Codemasters Online Gaming to introduce new MMO subscription solution for ArchLordTM.

    A press release was issued today that talks about Codemaster's ArchLord's new solutions for merging subscriptions and pay by item systems. The new system is being called PayPlus. It will allow players a variety of options when it comes to paying one price to cover their monthly fees as well as their in game needs.

    The PlayPLUS system will enable players to purchase subscription packages that include both game time and in-game bonus credits. Credits will be redeemable against bonus in-game items and benefits, such as teleportation spells, health boosts and many other desirable enhancements.

    Read the full press release and then let us know if you like this new system right here in the forums at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Aug 04, 2006
  • Get Your Pre-Order Pack Today!

    This just can now pre-order ArchLord and receive free goodies for doing so!

    Breaking News - ArchLord pre-order packs are now available to pre-order from GameStop(tm)


    Yes, you did indeed read that right. ArchLord pre-order packs are available to pre-order from GameStop™ and EB Games™. So head on over to GameStop™ by clicking here and be one of the first to pre-order ArchLord. As a reward for your early interest you will find that your pack contains a number of cool items; a key to obtain one of four exclusive in game items, stickers, cool art postcards and an exclusive soundtrack CD.

    Fellow Europeans, do not worry; we are finalising details of the European pre-order campaign as we speak.

    I hope to hear lots of you have pre-ordered, so go forth and order!


    What are you waiting for? Get clicking and get your pre-order today! Can't wait for ArchLord to launch? Tell us about it right here in the forums at Ten Ton

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
  • New Section on Races

    We got a heads up from the folks at Codemasters today that they have updated the official Archlord website. What did they do? They added a section for the races that you will see in the game. Currently there are links to information on humans, orcs and moonelves.

    Head over and check it out for yourself and then come back to the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think about the changes, the game...heck anything at all!

    Thu, Jul 20, 2006
  • Screenshots and Trailers!

    Worthplaying has put up a write up of the playable races expected for ArchLord. Not only do they have this fantastic information, but they have screenshots and a new trailer as well!

    ArchLord will feature three distinct races, each with their own unique skills and abilities: the majestic Humans, the towering Orcs and the seductive Moon Elves. Each race has various sub classes: the Human race features Mages, Knights and Rangers, while Orcs have Hunters, Berserkers and Sorcerers. The Moon Elf classes include Rangers and Elementalists.

    ArchLord has recently witnessed an explosion of interest with over 800 fan sites registering online. When the Beta test sign-up began, over 20,000 player applications were made within the first within two hours. ArchLord’s game world, Chantra, is set to be a heavily populated one, so prepare to decide where your allegiance will lie.

    Check out the great information and visuals of ArchLord at Worthplaying!

    Mon, Jun 19, 2006
  • You know, I'm not sure if it's the American in me that will go all out for a freebie, but this could just be, oh I don't know, the bomb?

    So following on from the tremendous reaction we have received so far to the announcement of the ArchLord Beta Sign-up I am pleased to announce a great new competition. As an added incentive beyond the chance to Beta the great game that is ArchLord, we have got together with the awesome guys at to offer one person that signs up for beta a fantastic T-shirt!

    So to the details: anyone that signs up Monday – Friday for the next four week will got into a draw to be awarded a cool gaming T-shirt courtesy of That’s right, all you have to do is sign-up for the ArchLord beta at and you could win one of these great T-shirts!

    But that’s not all! Not wanting to forget our many loyal guys and gals who have already signed up for the Beta, I have a competition for you too! Design a wallpaper competition. So get those creative juices flowing for your chance to win an awesome T-shirt.

    Similar to the Beta comp, once a week for the next four weeks a Wallpaper will be chosen to win a T-shirt as well as be featured on the ArchLord website! So e-mail your entries to [email protected] with the subject wallpapers, and you’ll be entered into this brilliant competition.

    I wish you all the best of luck and will take this chance to thank the guys at

    Who will be the one to win that ONE T-Shirt? Sign up for Beta here. You could be the One.. .

    More Archlord News.

    Fri, May 26, 2006
  • Here's the scoop

    Hey All,

    If you wander over to the ArchLord movies section you will find a delightful selection of two sneak preview videos of some ingame spells. I shall produce more compressed versions in the very near future.

    So what you have today for your viewing pleasure is.

    1) An orc warrior out in the dessert, applying one of the many available buffs to himself.

    2) A human Archer, buffing his armour as he prepares to engage in fierce battle.



    And Here's where you can find them.

    Now I have to go find a way to get the Mini Me's out of my head.. It's hurts! It HUUUUUURTS!

    Tue, May 23, 2006
  • You've seen the game through the trailers. You've heard the interviews. Now it's time to bust a move over to The Archlord Official Website and sign up for the beta.

    So here we have it, Beta Sign-up is now live! So click on that shiny button in the top right hand side and register your interest in Beta!!

    We are also running a VIP program for all those active community members, those that are part of guilds and finally those that create fansites!!! So there we go guys get on there and register!!

    Its now a really exciting time to get on board with ArchLord!!


    Have fun storming the castle!

    More Archlord news.

    Breaking News from Ktat

    So some late breaking news...As a result of the massive surge of support that I've seen for Beta sign-up already. I am happy to announce that courtesy of MMOART. We are offering one lucky person who signs up for the Beta between today and Monday 9 am a personalised, unique sketch of a character of their choice from ArchLord!!

    This is a really great prize and the guys at MMOART do some great work, check out their site for some awesome examples! So I'm sure you are all going to be hanging on to the edge of your seats for this. So good luck!!

    Fri, May 05, 2006
  • You're getting a double shot of Archlord goodness today. First, there is an interview with CM Tim Hodges over at IGN.

    Then you can make your way to RPG Vault where they have a set of new screenshots.

    Enjoy the trip and then you can come back here to find more Archlord News.

    On a side note... what's the deal with all of this pre-E3 coverage junk? Like you guys aren't smart enough to figure out that it's a gimmick to get your pageviews. *sigh* Aren't you glad we don't resort to that kind of nonsense?

    Tue, May 02, 2006
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