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  • RIFT Tartagon Mount
    Rift Mount Guides Portal
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    Wed, Oct 05, 2011
  • EVE Ships

    Participating in economic activity in EVE Online is more than a suggestion, it is a necessity. This game is a capitalist's dream. More than most other MMO games, it is critical to understand how the market functions and how to manipulate it.

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    Fri, Sep 30, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • EVE Archon

    One of the most lucrative ways to earn ISK in EVE Online is to capitalize on the price differences between Jita and null-sec. It will surprise you how easy it is for even very new players to get set up markets out there.

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    Thu, Sep 22, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • EVE Sightseeing

    In the game of EVE Online there are big things and little things. Running missions is a little thing. Refining scrap for a profit is a little thing. But running a starbase reaction? That's a big thing.

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    Wed, Sep 21, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • EVE Patrol

    "Gate camping" is the simplest form of piratical PvP, consisting in its simplest state of orbiting a star gate and waiting for something to emerge. The hyena is a specialized electronic attack frigate that can play an essential role in gate camping.

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    Thu, Sep 15, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • EVE Sightseeing

    Player-owned starbases are one of the most complex and difficult areas in EVE Online. On the one hand they represent the acme of industrial production, but on the other they are opaque, expensive, and difficult for even veteran players to master. Here are five tricks that may come in handy when using them.

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    Wed, Sep 14, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • Lightforged Elementium Hammer

    There are many different ways to get good weapons in World of Warcraft, but right now there is a way for almost every class to get the Best in Slot pre-raid weapon easily.

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    Wed, Sep 07, 2011
  • eve-vexor

    Missions are fun, but I prefer to run them while only half paying attention. For this, drones are my weapon of choice, and the vexor is a Gallente cruiser that is as effective as it is newbie-accessible. Fly the vexor now, thank me later.

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    Sun, Aug 28, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • Rift lake of solace map
    Our new series takes a look at the puzzles and hidden treasures scattered throughout Telara.
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    Tue, Aug 09, 2011
  • eve-nebula1

    Player owned starbases are satellites that have several lucrative applications. Though maintaining them requires an expensive cocktail of fuels imported from Jita, you can offset that need by making your own fuel on planets.

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    Thu, Aug 04, 2011
    Space Junkie
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