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  • A Novel About a Game About a Comic.
    GameCloud chats with Robert Weinberg about his upcoming novel based on City of Heroes. Stewie Griffin would not comment on the story, but he did drop a load in his pants, smile diabolically and exclaim:

    " Many video and PC games have gotten novelizations over the years and the newest one is Cryptic Studios' superhero MMORPG City of Heroes. The first novel, City of Heroes: Web of Arachnos, is due out later this year from publisher CDS Books and Gamecloud got a chance to chat with its veteran novelist and comic book scripter Robert Weinberg. "

    You can read the entier City of Heroes Novel Interview at GameCloud.
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    Tue, Sep 20, 2005
  • I'm omnipotent, and I wear yellow tights!
    IGN has posted a preview of City of Heroes: The Forest of Dread. Bruce Campbell, mistaking "Dread" for "Dead" rushing to Paragon City and announced:

    " As any former or continuing players are probably aware, developer Cryptic Studios is serious about continuing to push big updates through into City of Heroes as long as the game has legs. So far, it's legs look to be running strong so it's no real surprise that another update will be hitting the game soon… as in "next week" soon. We had a chance to check out The Forest of Dread update recently in order to get a look at the new zone, powers sets, villains, and more. "

    You can read the entire City of Heroes: The Forest of Dread at IGN.

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    Thu, Aug 25, 2005
  • Issue #5 - 95 More Until The Cool 100.
    Gamespy has posted a preview of City of Heroes: Issue #5. Vin Diesel arrived for some City of Heroes villain arse kicking, but before he started he said:

    "The good news for everybody who still fights on the side of law and order is that NCSoft isn't resting on their heroic laurels when it comes to their incredibly fun superhero MMO. Since its release in April of 2004, the game has undergone a steady stream of large-scale content upgrades. Dubbed "issues" in honor of the game's comic book roots, these content upgrades have changed the world of Paragon City, adding limited Player vs. Player in the Arena, new Epic-level powers, the chance to play as the alien Kheldians, and, of course, capes. The latest upgrade prepping for release is "Issue 5 -- Forest of Dread.""

    You can read the entire City of Heroes: Issue #5 Preview at GameSpy.

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    Thu, Aug 11, 2005
  • If you had super-powers, would you wear tights?
    GameCloud has posted a City of Villains Interview featuring David "Zeb" Cook. All Deliverance jokes involving the word "Zeb" were removed from this news posting. In there place we give you:

    "Last year, developer Cryptic Studios and publisher NCSoft released City of Heroes, their long awaited super hero themed MMORPG, to solid sales and reviews. Now the one big thing that most reviewers and players felt was lacking in the original game is about to be taken care of in City of Villains, the stand alone MMO that will give player the chance to try out the dark side. Gamecloud got a chance to chat with the game's lead designer David "Zeb" Cook to find out more about City of Villains."

    You can read the entire City of Heroes Interview at GameCloud.

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    Fri, Jul 22, 2005
  • Movies become games. Games become movies. Books become games. Games become comics.
    Mark Waid of Top Cow talks about making a comic book out of City of Heroes. The Fox Network may indeed be considering a reality show centered on the

    following quote:

    "Ok, so we live in a world were pop culture now has videogames and movies jumping from the pages of comic books. Why shouldn’t we see the reverse? NCsoft certainly thought it possible and shortly after the launch of CoH, Blue King Studios rolled out the first City of Heroes comic book (Volume 1, June 04). Beginning with the June edition of this year, the mantle has been passed to Top Cow to continue the comic book."

    You can read the entire Mark Waid - City of Heroes Comic Book Article at GameZone.

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    Thu, Jun 23, 2005
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