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  • Issue 9: "Breakthrough"

    Ina press release isued this morning, NCSoft announces plans for Issue 9.

    Invention System (Heroes and Villains)
    Using the highly anticipated Invention system, players acquire and collect valuable resources in the form of Salvage and Invention Recipes. These will be used together to invent powerful new enhancements, costume pieces, new powers, gadgets, and more. This creates a world of new possibilities, rewards and even greater character evolution!

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    Wed, Jan 24, 2007
  • Double Experience Weekend is Coming! Jan. 26-28!

    The official site for City of Heroes has been updated with this note telliing players to get ready and form their teams for this upcoming event.

    Gather your teams and get ready! Shape up your soloing prowess! Get those eager sidekicks in line! It's time to clean up and cash in!

    Another Double Experience Weekend looms on the horizon! Mark January 26th to the 28th on your calendar because you won't want to miss it! All weekend long, experience, infamy/influence and prestige rewards will be doubled! It's time to level up!

    Thu, Jan 18, 2007
  • A Look at Cryptic Studios Recruitment

    Ever dreamed of having a job in the gaming industry? Now may be your chance. had a chance to sit down with the folks at Cryptic Studios to see what they are looking for in their employees.

    It is one of the mandates of the Staffing Department to look outside of the game industry for people with talent and skill that can add to our repertoire. You’ll note that only a few of our positions have absolute requirements- most of them have suggestions, and many of those suggestions don’t include industry experience!

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    Tue, Dec 26, 2006
  • City of Heroes & Villains Kicks off Holiday Event

    The holidays events abound! We're just gotten the details of the City of Heroes and City of Villains events today!

    Starting today and ending Jan. 2, NCsoft and Cryptic Studios are conducting their popular Winter Event for City of Heroes and City of Villains. Heroes and villains can join up to earn fun rewards and take on new challenges as they try to save Baby New Year.

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    Sat, Dec 16, 2006
  • Holiday Plans Released

    The official site for City of Heroes has been updated with news about their holidy event plans...

    Winter is blowing in across the bay to Paragon City, and settling on the Rogue Isles like an icy blanket. New presents and threats await both heroes and villains this holiday season.

    By simply logging in and visiting Paragon City or the Rogue Isles between December 14th and January 2nd*, your character will receive the Cold Front badge and a Fuzzy Earmuffs costume piece, so you can look stylish and keep warm while patrolling the streets (or committing nefarious deeds!).

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    Tue, Dec 12, 2006
  • NCsoft's City of Heroes expansion continues game's growth with new mission styles

    In a press release issued today NCSoft talks about their new plans.

    Issue 8 also features a revitalized Faultline neighborhood that has been transformed from a trial zone into a city zone. As a trial zone, Faultline was in ruins and overrun with zombies and evil sorcerers, but as the area is restored to order agents of Arachnos are attempting to infiltrate the area.

    Read the full press release to learn more! Share your thoughts on this and all your favorite MMOs in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums.

    Thu, Nov 30, 2006
  • NCsoft announces final set of veteran rewards for City of Heroes players

    In a press release issued today, NCSoft announced the final rewards for veteran players. If you've been playing City of Heroes for a while you'll want to keep reading...

    The official City of Heroes Veteran Rewards program launches this fall with the release of Issue 8: To Protect and Serve. NCsoft and Cryptic Studios have unveiled the rewards milestones for the most dedicated players who have been in-game for 27 months, 30 months, 33 months and 36 months.

    Read the rest of the press release to find out what those rewards are! Be sure to stop by the Ten Ton Hammer Forums to share your thoughts with us on this and all your favorite MMOs.

    Wed, Oct 25, 2006
  • Trick Or Treat In City of Heroes

    The official site for City of Heroes has been updated with an announcment about the Halloween events planned for this year.

    Even in a city where many citizens dress in unique costumes to battle real mystical threats, Halloween is a special time of year. While Paragon City's Halloween holiday was dampened last year by renewed hostilities from the Rogue Isles, this year's October events look to be even more promising than before, with record numbers of citizens all over the city ready to welcome trick-or-treaters of all ages.

    Keep reading to learn more. Are you planning something special in game for the holiday? Let us know in the new Ten Ton Hammer Forums.

    Wed, Oct 18, 2006
  • Issue 8: To Protect and Serve

    The official site for the City Of Heroes has been updated with the notes about Issue 8. It is now live on the test servers!

    We are pleased to announce that City of Heroes / City of Villains Issue 8: To Protect and Serve is now live on the Training Room (Test Server).

    Please check out the patch notes here.

    Tue, Oct 17, 2006
  • Issue 8: To Protect and Serve

    The official site for City of Heroes has been updated with a look at the upcoming Issue 8: To Protect and Serve. Kepp reading to find out what you can expect to see.

    Issue 8: To Protect and Serve, the eighth free expansion since the launch of City of Heroes® in April 2004, introduces a host of innovative features, gameplay improvements and player programs. Issue 7: Destiny Manifest allowed villains to wreak havoc in the PvP zone Recluse's Victory and physics-filled Mayhem Missions. Now it's the Heroes' turn to take back the streets!

    There's much more to read so get clicking! Tell us what you think of the upcoming changes in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Fri, Sep 01, 2006
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