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  • Marvel Entertainment, Inc., NCsoft Corporation, NC Interactive, Inc., Cryptic Studios, Inc. Settle All Litigation

    AUSTIN, Texas, December 12, 2005—Marvel Entertainment, Inc., NCsoft® Corporation, NC Interactive, Inc. and Cryptic Studios™, Inc. are pleased to announce today that they have amicably settled all claims brought by Marvel and all claims brought by NCsoft, NC Interactive, Inc. and Cryptic Studios, Inc. The parties' settlement allows them all to continue to develop and sell exciting and innovative products, but does not reduce the players' ability to express their creativity in making and playing original and exciting characters. Therefore, no changes to City of Heroes® or City of Villains'™ character creation engine are part of the settlement. The parties have agreed that protecting intellectual property rights is critically important and each will continue aggressively to protect such rights in accordance with all applicable laws. While the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, all parties agree that this case was never about monetary issues and that the fans of their respective products and characters are the winners in this settlement.

    It's never about the money...

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    Wed, Dec 14, 2005
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    Thu, Dec 08, 2005
  • Tights, Their Not Just For Women Anymore...
    of Paragon City!
    Miss Liberty has a special message for you...

    Transcript of Miss Liberty’s Radio Address on December 2nd, 2005:
    Heroes of Paragon, as the threat of Arachnos darkens our shores and the Rikti
    menace remains unchecked, these are dangerous times certain to try even the
    strongest hero’s resolve.
    Yet, day after day you ceaselessly strive to protect the freedom and honor
    of your home. Your stalwart struggle against the tyranny of evil is for neither
    fame nor money. Instead you rise above these concerns as you fight for what
    you know in your heart to be right.
    We believe that this selfless dedication to the principles of justice must
    be recognized! In order to acknowledge your superlative contribution to the
    ongoing and ever growing glory of Paragon City, we at Freedom Corps have arranged
    a special holiday gift for you all!

    But, be warned! The City
    of Villians
    has already heard of this and are formulating a plan as we speak!

    Take this to Silver Mantis right away!
    I just overheard a radio address from that old bag Miss Liberty and she’s
    made some tasty toys for her cloth-wearing weaklings to buy a little loyalty.
    Sounds like it will be a high-tech gadget and I’m going to catch a shipment
    before they get to Independence Port. Assuming it isn’t just some holiday
    piece of junk, I want to build it into my armor.
    Lord Recluse gave the go ahead but only if I share the spoils with those
    destined scum that have overrun my territory like rats. Ah well, we can keep
    most of the haul for ourselves as long as we give enough away to keep the
    Arachnos wannabes quiet.

    Hurry! You only have from December 8 to January 2!

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • Superman with a nerf bat.
    Boomtown is reporting on the outrage being shown by City of Heroes customers over the latest changes to the game. Over 3,000 posts have been dumped on the official forums so far. Stan Lee was unaware of the outcry and thanked us for letting him know just before slamming the door and saying the following:

    "This weekend the City of Heroes developer Cryptic Studios unveiled yet
    another nerf – a nerf that dwarfs all previous changes to the characters’ powers. This is the official explanation of the changes titled in the upcoming patch dubbed Enhancement Diversification.

    “This is a new system being implemented into City of Villains and City of Heroes (when City of Villains launches) to promote the use of more different types of Enhancements in powers. Using a system of diminishing returns, when slotting the same type of Enhancement into a power, you will begin to see less effect of that Enhancement when the bonus reaches a certain threshold.” " 

    You can read the entire City of Heroes Outrage Article at BoomTown.
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    Tue, Oct 11, 2005
  • This game makes me sick.
    Gamerifts is reporting that some changes to City of Heroes have left people feeling nauseaous. Watching Ellen Degenerate on the Emmy's last night made my stomach queasy, especially when she said:

    " Players within City of Heroes from Cryptic Studios are reporting an alarming growth in photo-sensitve seizures after a recent patch into the game updated one of the "Sonic Powers Buff" to characters enhancing the visual effects associated with the power. "

    You can read the City of Heroes Makes You Sick Article at GameRifts.
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    Mon, Sep 19, 2005
  • Time to shake the wrinkles of your tights, cape, and cowl.

    Cryptic Studios is gearing up for the City of Villains expansion, but that doesn't mean they won't take the time to throw a free expansion your way! The #5 "Dread Forest" expansion adds new zones, zone events, skill sets, and a decreased death penalty:

    Issue 5's new zone, Croatoa is a resort community north of Paragon City where several new villain groups are clashing, requiring the intervention of super-powered heroes to stop the carnage. Villain groups running rampant in Croatoa include the Cabal, a coven of witches, and the Red Caps, an evil gang of goblins who are in a bitter struggle with the Cabal for control of the zone. Also stalking Croatoa are the monstrous Tuatha de Dannan and the Fir Bolg, which are easily identified by their fiery pumpkin heads. The Croatoa zone is meant to challenge players from levels 24 to 35.

    Issue 5 also introduces highly-anticipated new power sets: archery and sonic. These consist of ranged archery powers for defenders and blasters; trick arrows for defenders and controllers, sonic blast powers for blasters and defenders, and sonic debuffs for defenders and controllers.

    "Archery and sonic powers are classic comic book powers and I am excited that we are able to give our players more ways to subdue criminals," said Jack Emmert, lead designer of City of Heroes and creative director of Cryptic Studios. "The new Croatoa zone will also provide exciting adventures and storylines that will challenge any hero venturing into the area. But that is our goal, to continually provide new, interesting content free to our players so they can find action and challenge around every corner."

    Additionally, Issue 5 brings new zone events to Paragon City, including the Hellion Arson event, in which Hellion gangs torch buildings in Paragon City. It is the job of heroes to douse the flames and bring the arsonists to justice. Also, at the Troll Rave event, Troll mobs hopped up on an overdose of Superadine transform into "super trolls" then run amok, endangering the surrounding populace.

    The new expansion also includes a change in the debt systems incurred when a player is defeated. Players who haven't yet reached level 10 will no longer receive debt when defeated, and players, regardless of level, will only incur half debt if they are defeated while in a mission.

    Pull your communicator out of your hero's toolbelt and zero in on this link for more info: City of Heroes Issue #5: Dread Forest.

    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
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