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  • Issue #5 - 95 More Until The Cool 100.
    Gamespy has posted a preview of City of Heroes: Issue #5. Vin Diesel arrived for some City of Heroes villain arse kicking, but before he started he said:

    "The good news for everybody who still fights on the side of law and order is that NCSoft isn't resting on their heroic laurels when it comes to their incredibly fun superhero MMO. Since its release in April of 2004, the game has undergone a steady stream of large-scale content upgrades. Dubbed "issues" in honor of the game's comic book roots, these content upgrades have changed the world of Paragon City, adding limited Player vs. Player in the Arena, new Epic-level powers, the chance to play as the alien Kheldians, and, of course, capes. The latest upgrade prepping for release is "Issue 5 -- Forest of Dread.""

    You can read the entire City of Heroes: Issue #5 Preview at GameSpy.

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    Thu, Aug 11, 2005
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