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  • Guidance for Anyone Who Needs It...
    has World of Warcraft Guides for all the newbies out there!

    Thanks to for pointing out a stack of material they have for
    World of Warcraft - mostly guides but there are a couple of other articles
    at the end. Here's a list:

    A Noob's Guide to Playing Druids (PvP)

    A Noob's Guide to Playing Druids (PvE)

    Hunter\'s Guide to Duelling

    Guide to the Sunken Temple

    Guild Silliness article which looks at the highs and lows of guilds in WoW

    Heroes of WoW Chapter 15 Comic

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • Presents For Everyone!
    Ultima Online has some special
    holiday treats for all you players out there. After logging in, each character
    will find a special gift in their backpack!

    We've been working hard in the basement for months, and just in time for
    the Holidays, we've finished crafting some cool items. In just a couple of
    weeks, you'll log-in one day to find a gift box in each of your characters'
    backpacks. Inside you'll find a number of Holiday-themed goodies - it's our
    way of saying thank you to our loyal players as well as celebrating another
    great year of Ultima Online.

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • Dear Santa,
    All I Want For Christmas Is To Play Auto Assault!
    GameSpy's Allen "Delsyn"
    Rausch got to sit with the MMOs Project Lead Scott Brown and discuss some specifics.
    They also have some cool pictures for you to drool over. Your Welcome!

    People crave distinctiveness. Once you get past simple utility, all of a
    product's subsequent features inevitably descend to the realm of "fashion
    statement." The things we wear and drive and eat and utilize in our daily
    lives aren't just useful items, but actually say something about us -- the
    way we feel about ourselves and the way we wish to be perceived by the world.
    A Lexus won't travel any faster than a Toyota Camry in the middle of rush-hour
    freeway traffic, and a PC outfitted with glowing lights and neon won't make
    someone a better Counter-Strike player, but people still spend beaucoup bucks
    on such accoutrements as if it would.

    It All

    Stop By TTH's Auto Assault Community

    Some More Stuff On The Game Done By TTH

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • 2500 WoW Accounts Banned
    reports that 2500 World of Warcraft accounts have been banned in Europe.

    Continuing their aggressive stand against cheats, hacks, and exploits, Blizzard
    banned 2500 WoW accounts this weekend for being

    "involved in the use of cheats and/or hacks using third-person software
    or were otherwise violating our Terms of Use".

    They also gave credit to some European users affected by a technical bug keeping
    them from connecting to English speaking servers.

    Read the Full Article at Eurogamer.
    Check Out TTH's Reports on WoW

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • I have super powers! I can fly! I choose to wear tights?
    WorthPlaying has posted their City of Villains review, taking a look at the recently released NCSoft title.

    " ...there are some conclusions that I can draw, based on extensive experience in the Massively Multiplayer genre, and on previous experience with City of Heroes (also somewhat limited). I think it unfortunate that many gamers who may have played City of Heroes will judge CoV unfairly based upon the reputation of it predecessor. I played CoH for several weeks and came away with what seemed to be a common opinion of the experience; it is a terrific, appealing idea, with beautifully crafted environments. The title had perhaps the single best character-generation system that was practically a game in itself, and the product as a whole was easy to learn and fun to play. However, CoH seriously lacked any significant content with little or no end game; in short, the game was boring. You can only put the beat-down on so many bad guys before it gets tedious. "


    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • Toasting To a One Year Anniversary.
    In celebration of World of Warcraft's first successful year, Blizzard
    has decided to give a little something back to the people:

    To help celebrate World of Warcraft's first-year anniversary, Blizzard is
    giving away one ASUS PCI-E GeForce 7800 GTX 256mb video card to a random World
    of Warcraft account holder each day during the month of December! That's 31
    top-of-the-line video cards for 31 lucky players.

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • Your Hummer Isn't Complete Without a "Blood-Sprayer." reports
    that there are some new screenshots available for Auto Assault:

    Gameplay Monthly has some new a shiny Auto Assault screenshots for
    your viewing pleasure.

    Images, Media
    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • Something Need Doing?
    Sci-Fi novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido (Star Trek, Andromeda) is bringing a little
    more than upgrades to Warcraft players. He is writing a series of novels devoted
    to the World of Warcraft series. The first book will be called "World of
    Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred." A very fitting title given the books contents:

    The Burning Legion has been defeated, and eastern regions of Kalimdor
    are now shared by two nations: the orcs of Durotar, led by their noble Warchief,
    Thrall; and the humans of Theramore, led by one of the most powerful mages alive
    -- Lady Jaina Proudmoore. But the tentative peace between orcs and humans is
    suddenly crumbling. Random attacks against Durotar's holdings suggest that the
    humans have renewed their aggression toward the orcs. Now Jaina and Thrall must
    avert disaster before old hatreds are rekindled -- and Kalimdor is plunged into
    another devastating war. Jaina's search to uncover the truth behind the attacks
    leads her to a shocking revelation. Her encounter with a legendary, long-lost
    wizard will challenge everything that she believes and illuminate the secret
    history of the world of...

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • It's "Criminal Minds," MMORPG-style
    GamerGod and Strategy Informer are giving City of Villains some pretty some pretty positive reviews. It's undeniable that CoV has that holy grail of just-launched MMOGs: polish. But the franchise's weakness remains its lasting appeal.
    From Strategy Informer:

    City of Villains is easy to understand and can be grasped quickly by any player. The interface is user-friendly and extremely flexible. Your target keys are easy to set up and windows can be resized whenever you feel like it. It can definitely be classified as an “easy” game.

    And from GamerGod:

    In addition to the gameplay aspects, the City of Villains engine is much improved from the original City of Heroes. It now supports ragdoll physics, bloom effects, depths of field effects, and other nifty new graphic card tricks. Consequently, many players may want to turn down the details a bit, as things can get pretty choppy on even a reasonably up-to-date computer. Regardless, all players should enjoy the new possibility to change graphical settings and key bindings without having to change to a different screen. Strangely, the enhancement and id editing screens have not benefited from this technology. The ID editor in particular still has weird quirks that result in difficult description editing.

    Other links of interest:

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • City of Villains
    players, researchers want to pick at your brain.

    The University of Queensland is conducting a survey for research involving
    the social aspects of online gaming. To intice you, they are offering prizes
    such as one year of free game time for City of Villians!

    We will organize a raffle offering free City of Villains game time to people
    who complete the two questionnaires of the study. First prize will be one
    years worth of free game time (COV game time cards). There will also be six
    runner-up prizes of 6 months worth of game time. We expect to raffle the prizes
    by January 2006 and we will send a general email to all participants to inform
    them of the outcome of the raffle.

    Check Out the Full Details Here

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
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