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    Wed, Feb 22, 2006
  • Spell-casting 101: From the Sacred to the Sorcerous

    It's time to take a bit of the mystery out of spell-casting in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). Darkgolem thoroughly explains how spell-casting works in DDO for casting classes from bard to wizard. I know I certainly learned a thing or two!

    All classes gain spell points when they gain the ability to cast spells. You receive a set number of spell points for your class at each level, plus bonus spell points for having a high primary statistic, and you can have bonus spell points for items, feats and enhancements. While I haven’t yet been able to determine exact numbers for upper levels, wizards and clerics start with 100 spell points, sorcerers with 150, bards with 50. For bonus spell points based upon your primary statistic, use the following formula...

    Want that formula? Then you've got to read Sacred and Sorcerous: Spell-casting Basics for the Divine and Arcane Caster at DDO - TenTonHammer.

    Tue, Feb 21, 2006
  • What Carries a Staff and Makes Things Go Boom?

    If you guessed Darkgolem's Boom-stick Sorcerer build for DDO, then you're on to something. And if you're gearing up for the February 28th launch of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) with an arcane caster in mind, you'll want to check out this blastacular creation.

    The Boom-stick Sorcerer is a sorcerer who specializes in evocation, with an uncompromising approach toward delivering as much damage as possible to opponents as quickly as possible.

    Ready to make things go boom? Check out the Boom-Stick Sorceror at DDO - TenTonHammer!

    Tue, Feb 21, 2006
  • Masters of Stealth

    Cloak and dagger. Picking locks and disarming traps. Ralsu thinks he's got it all figured out when it comes to rogues in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO). He brings us a custom build called Master Thief to show off his knowledge:

    The Master Thief usually seeks to avoid combat, using his Hide and Move Silently skills to his fullest. When he does enter the fray, he waits until someone has engaged the enemy first and relies on his Bluff skill and Sneak Attack class feat to do maximum damage.

    Read Master Thief at DDO @ TenTonHammer and see if you've got what it takes!

    Tue, Feb 21, 2006
  • Ever wonder where your inventory went?

    Ever get lost in a game's interface? Well, not anymore, at least not in Auto Assault! Today’s newbie guide is all about Auto Assault’s interface. We bring you the first in a two part series explaining the basics behind it. Never wonder again what that weird little icon is next to your skill bar!

    Ah, how does one play a game without first understanding the game's interface. While some things are overly apparent, there are always things that arn't. So in this guide we will be going over all of the available interface parts. This is the first part in a two part series, which goes over the main interface.

    Take an exit at Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer to read all about it.

    Tue, Feb 21, 2006
  • Beat Onyxia!

    The WoW @ TenTonHammer team is proud to announce that the Onyxia guide is now complete and ready for use! We now cover all the quests to become attuned to the instance and complete detail on how to deal with her once you gather a party to fight her. Here is a clip from out tactics guide:

    Phase One Strategies

    Phase one starts the Onyxia fight. When you reach her lair you will see her resting on the ground. Take this time to buff everyone and ensure that everyone has full health and mana. When everyone is ready have the main tank (MT) charge in with everyone else following about 2-3 seconds behind. The main tank should run straight past Onyxia pulling her to the far north side of the room so that she faces the wall. The best positioning takes a little practice and is a few steps in front of the wall. This is so that the MT's back is to the wall to limit the effectiveness of her push back ability and so that the MT is the only one in front of her when she breathes fire.

    You can read the whole guide here: WoW @ TenTonHammer's Guide to Onyxia.

    Tue, Feb 21, 2006
  • A flufftastic topic this week at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer!

    This week’s common content feature is all about fluff. No, not fluffing your pillow. Fluff as in the little bit of extra content that makes MMORPGs extra sweet (or overly sugary). Things like character customization, housing, and more are discussed in relation to gaming in general and Auto Assault. So why not pull up your car and take a look.

    Ah, fluff. Fluff in video games is like the crust in pie. You can’t be without it. If you don’t know what fluff is, it’s that stuff that’s inside of your pillow that makes it all nice and soft. Just kidding! Fluff is extra content that doesn’t have very much to do with the actual gameplay. The little extras that fill out the game content or enrich the play experience. Making your character look better, special holiday events, housing, roleplaying items, and similar things can be classified as fluff.

    Mon, Feb 20, 2006
  • WoW Trivia

    Messiah, site lead at WoW @ TenTonHammer, shares some lesser known facts about World of Warcraft. For example, did you know that the likeness of Brad Pitt makes a cameo appearance in Undercity? That you can find the ersatz cast of Star Trek in Booty Bay? All this, plus a detailed look at the weekly / monthly festivals in Azeroth!

    Blizzard has provided within the World of Warcraft an incredible amount of "Fluff", better known as the content that is inside the game for the players to enjoy, but recieve no experience benefit from, (all the fun stuff!!). World of Warcraft is filled to the brim with crazy, creative, wild, funny and exotic content for all ages and types of gamers to enjoy, so sit back, relax and let me explain to you some of the funnest events in the game, that most players are too busy to enjoy!

    Enjoy the newest World of Warcraft editorial at WoW - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Feb 20, 2006
  • Far Over Misty Mountains Cold...

    Tolkien's realms of Middle-earth are ripe with lore: most characters have a detailed lineage; most places have a rich history; and songs and poems have an important place. To some gamers, rich lore amounts to little more than "fluff." But to Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO) fans, all that fluffy content is essential to making a beloved fantasy world come to life.

    Shayalyn discusses some of the things she's eager to see in LOTRO, and none of them relate specifically to killing monsters or grinding away at levels.

    Instead of just rendering killing fields where adventurers go to gain experience by slaying monster after monster, Turbine is charged with the enormous task of making the worlds of Middle-earth come to life. We’ll be able to wander through the Shire and Barrow Downs. We’ll be able to experience the ethereal beauty that is Rivendell and Lórien. Perhaps we’ll recoil at the horrors of the Dead Marshes.

    Read the new editorial at LotRO @ TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Feb 20, 2006
  • There's a Tavern in the Town

    Where's the fluff in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach? Well, it's practically non-existent. Shayalyn went in search of non-leveling content and found very little in DDO, so she chose to hang out in, write about taverns. Are taverns non-leveling content? Eh...maybe?

    Click here to barhop Stormreach at DDO - TenTonHammer! (Alas, we can't promise beer and pizza...but virtual stew and brown froth... can do!)

    Mon, Feb 20, 2006
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